The Acid Firefly

My entry for Duckbricks’ Rahi Contest (small category).
The Acid Dragonfly is a rare species exclusively found in jungle regions.
Its appearance and rarity has lead some matoran to believe that it is actually a mutated rahi of sorts (possibly a Nui-Kopen), rather than an actual species. The matoran of Voya Nui have often attempted to research the insectoid to confirm whether or not it’s mutated, with little success.
The Acid Dragonfly, as its name suggests, is capable of spitting acid if threatened. It stores its acidic venom in its abdominal area, and as a last resort, can release the venom in its entirety out of its stinger.
Le-Matoran of Voya-Nui have adopted the term “To knowledge-chase the Acid Dragonfly”, often used to call an idea reckless, hazardous and idiotic.

I’m very well aware of the MOC’s simplicity, but I wouldn’t consider it necessarily as a bad thing. It helps making it blend in with most canon rahi when it comes to appearance.

The MOC includes a wing flapping function! (rubber band not shown, because it’s digital…)

Here is the Studio file: Acid - Google Drive

Thanks for reading! Have a super simple “Kratana” build as bonus!


What’s with the vorox mask

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This function is awesome.

Have you tested it with physical parts? My concern is that the wings would “flap” with a greater range of motion per squeeze than what’s shown in the animation, though it probably wouldn’t be excessive to the point of causing problems.

The launcher in the tail is a neat design feature that looks completely natural; the fact that it can actually be fired (albeit with the help of an additional axle piece) is super cool.

(Though a real-life build would probably require some kind of additional piece to stop the Zamor Spheres from falling out the top)

Yeah, definitely not. It shouldn’t be any more complicated than it needs to be, and you’re right about it matching more official Rahi builds.

The Technic framework looks like it would be very fun to build in real life.


feels like it needs another pair of legs, there’s just something so wrong about a four-legged bug.


The technic beams on the trigger of the flapping gimmick are supposed to serve as a pair of legs, meaning the fly does indeed have 6 legs. But due to it’s positioning and dissimilar shaping to the other legs, I understand that it honestly looks like it only has 4 legs. I of course would have liked to give the fly proper hind legs, but I didn’t have enough space to place them anywhere other than on the trigger.