The Adventures of Clutch Powers

The Adventures of Clutch Powers was one of TLG’s first CGI, Brick-based Films. Although the Movie itself is Mediocre at best, the Universe that it left could be seen as, at its time, the most expansive. It connected Castle and Space, Power Miners and Agents. This was later trumped by, well, LEGO Universe.

What are your thoughts on the Film? Would you want to see more of its universe?

Also, I couldn’t figure out which category it should go in, so I just went with LEGO.


I recall that some story details from the movie called for a sequel, with the subplot of Clutch’s missing father and the three wizards story-thing.

The last appearance of Clutch Powers, in my memory, was a reference to him in Ninjago. Cole described him as the explorer who found the fang blade.


The adds on all the boxes hyped me up.
I was sorely, sorely disappointed.

Yeeup. At the end, I remember it stating his father was alive and we still had to meet the other two Baddies, which were based off of Kranxx and Squidman from Space Police III.

When it comes to being mentioned, yes, that was his last, but his final physical appearance was at LEGOLAND for a 4-D Show in 2011.

My opinion in a nutshell. :cry:

Who remembers when you tried to make a Clutch Powers Minifig, but failed to capture his look with unmodified parts?


Back when I had satellite, I caught the beginning and ending on Disney XD. One day I was watching the beginning and was like “Eh this is alright…oh wait! A rerun of one of my favorite cartoons is on!” And then another I came in at the ending and was like “okay…and back to my cartoon.”

If I get a chance to watch it in it’s entirety, I’ll give it a try.

My Exodus series idea was inspired by this movie. One of my characters is based on “Omega”.

At one point, I wanted a sequel to this movie with a LU crossover.

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I remember watching the movie.
The movie was great.
I hope they do a sequel.
Anyone seen Lego City: A Clutch Powers 4-D Adventure?