The Albino Crow (A Poem)

I am the albino crow,
Where the others fly I shall not go,
For I am not the one who follows.
Though I am not the one who leads,
I shall go my own way,
I shall follow my own needs.
I do not fit in with the rest,
I do not belong in their nest,
I will fly on my own,
It's the only life I've ever known.
I may look different to everyone else,
But at least I'm happy with myself,
I do not need to follow the rest,
For when I'm alone I work best.
Others may not understand me,
But this is who I shall be,
This is the life I feel most free.
Most only see black and white,
But I see things in a different light,
For I am the albino crow,
And where the others fly I cannot go.

Just a small poem I wrote some time ago out of random inspiration, I am quite happy with the result. There wasn't much of a deep meaning when I first started writing it, I got the idea after seeing a thing about an albino crow and wondered how they would be treated among other crows, I guess the words formed themselves from there.


You sir, are amazing. This is absolutely great.

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I always enjoy poetry. This was astoundingly well-written. And I love how you found a picture for it, too. :smile:


As a fellow poet, I want to say this is amazing and I would be astounded if I could write anything half as good. (Especially considering I rush mine and only spend 10-15 minutes on them)

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nice poem Oc

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Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate it! :smile:

Yeah, I like having images to go along with my stuff, almost like a cover of a book. This was just some random image I pulled off of Google Images.
I would have liked to have used a picture I took myself, but unfortunately, I've never seen a live albino crow in my life, let alone get a picture of one.

That really means a lot to me, especially since I never practiced or studied poetry myself, it was just sorta something that came to me.

This one I spent quite a short time on. It was surprisingly short of a time considering how happy I am with the result.


The most practice I do is studying them at school for GCSE (boring). Plus as a poet, I ain't that great, so don't take my word for it (some people say I'm quite good, take that with a very large pinch of salt)

I really really like this.

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Can I use this poem for homework? I need to gather some poems online.

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Thank you!

Sure! It's a big compliment to me that you consider this good enough to use, so thank you!
Of course, I'd appreciate being given credit for it. :smile:


Of course.

I always enjoy good poetry. Nice job.

Thanks, man! :D