The Alchemist (WIP)

A model based on Savant’s album art, chiefly Alchemist (warning: explicit lyrics) and the Savant: Ascent game.

Plan was to decorate the faceplate with a stuck-on cheese slope and paper moustache and eyes, though before getting to that stage I just found the body to be too limited and flat, and in need of an entire rework. I’m keeping that head though.


Nice work on the color scheme!

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Very nice parts use! Good Job!

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Is that a custom cape?

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I really love how you incorporated the system pieces into the design.

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I absolutely love the two purples working together, as well as the red of the cape, but I feel the blue of the shield kind of tears it apart…

Other than that, this looks great!

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@Sunshyne_Facilities @LegoDavid @Mctoran
Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Thanks man. The shield is kinda there to represent one of his spells or whirly bladey things he uses in the game. Ideally he should have some kind of detail like that around his waist, but, as I said, WIP. I tend to just stick things I might use later onto my WIPs.

Nope! It’s an official part. Its Bricklink listing is here.
It came from the Construct-A-Zurg set from 2010.

That is actually Gringat’s old cape. He now wears the one from the Captain Phasma set.


This is awesome! Perfecly fits the name. Great work.

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