The All American Rejects/Daughtry

You know em you may like em, they were kidnapped by the piraka; The All American Rejects! So while I was on a trip to Europe With my Dad, step brothers, step mom, and grandparents; I started feeling really nostalgic and I finally found out who sang Move Along. Since then I got Gives You Hell, and Dirty Little Secret. So what have you guys done? Just stayed with Move Along, or branched out like I have?

P.S. feel free to discuss any other music related topic on here and remember, respect each others opinion


Moved to music

I like all american rejects, people seem to dislike the movealong song in bionicle
but im pretty fine with it


Well, I love Real world and Move along and that’s it.

Ah, memories

Once I had a period where I only listened to “crashed”


Yeah, Real World and Move Along were the only ones I listened to.

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AAR and Daughtry are…THE SAME BAND!!!

My childhood just got punched. I always thought they were different bands.


They are different bands. AAR’s lineup is Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty, and Chris Gaylor. While Daughtry’s lineup consists up of: Chris Daughtry, Josh Steely, Josh Paul, Brian Caddock, and Elvio Fernandez. So obviously they are not the same band but both of them had a song that was used in the BIONICLE line. In AAR’s case it was “Move Along” and in Daughtry’s case it was “Crashed” so I just wanted to discuss them

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When you see my face hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell!
I love AAR.
Now Daughtry on the other hand… all of their music sounds the same imo.

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Gives You Hell is my favorite.

Discovered Daughtry through being on American Idol back when it was popular and because he was from my hometown. His first album was actually really good. But everything following was forgettable.

Discovered AAR through Bionicle. The album Move Along is quite good. That and the single Gives You Hell are the only things I’ve gotten into from them.

New AAR music coming out next Friday. I’m pumped.

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The Last Song is my favorite, because one of my favorite BioTuber’s back in 2011 used it as his opening, it also used to be one of my friend’s favorite songs. I have a lot of nostalgia for it because of that stuff.

In Daughtry’s case, I’d say either Crashed because of Bionicle, or Its Not Over.

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That guitar on the chorus is sooooooo Nick Wheeler. These boys got their act together, albeit strangely.

I honestly pick cryoshell

But probably All American Rejects, there are too many trash versions of crashed