The AlphaBonk Rap - We rap about our Bionicle Mocs

We hope you enjoy our video!


yeah…I don’t know where to start

firstly whilst the mocs look interesting to say the least, it’s the music that irks me.

It’s fairly mediocre, as the backing track is the same two piano chords (plus I can hear a few mouse clicks before the backing track begins)

and the vocals aren’t the best, fairly cliché rap (plus at some points there’s minor stuttering and mumbling)

I would say that it deserves some pretty big improvement when it comes to the music

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This is… beautiful.

I mean, you’ll regret in future, but this is beautiful to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Some nice MOCs in there though


I really don’t mean to be mean at all, but was this done as a joke? I really am not trying to be mean, I just am curious. :slight_smile:

Awesome ahah this is totally something I would have done back in the day

@TheMOCingbird No, but thanks for having the decency to ask. This was a video posted for our youtube channel, and the reason you might think so is that we don’t exactly specialize in music. Stop motion? Sure! Reviews? Totally! However, we didn’t record in our normal spot, and that’s probably why it sounded weird.

@Whaddon Thanks for the recommendations, If we do another rap, we’ll keep that in mind.

@Styrofoam Thanks!

@TheMightyObsidianDude Yeah, we’re still improving. Thanks though!

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Ok, either way, keep at it, and keep making stuff. Some of the moc techniques used are pretty neat. :slight_smile: