The Ancient Carver

Well, my camera broke, so I need to use my mother’s camera until I can get a new one (and with the whole virus situation, that might take a while…). EDIT: Strangely enough, my camera’s working again…

So, remember the mysterious Ancient Carvers from MNOG? Well, since I had nothing better to do, I decided to build one of the enigmatic beings.

I decided to use one of the old Mctoran heads to give him an ancient look (kind of gives him a soulless look as well, but that was unavoidable with that piece). I also used one of my brown Hau, mostly because I just wanted to use it for something :stuck_out_tongue:

At least the back doesn’t look too terrible…

And, finally, here’s a size-comparison with Mctoran Hewkii (someday, I will get his missing bamboo disk…).

Thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoyed this random MOC in a sea of Helryx contest entries :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, it has a very chibby look to it, which I quite like.

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I don’t remember the Ancient Carvers at all, but I really, really like this concept. The MOC is pretty nice: I like the staff, the hunched look, and the hammer on the back. The shoulder armor looks a little big from the back, though, and is kind of oversized overall. Nice work, though.

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