The Ant-Centaur (Antaur)

So, I realize it's literally been forever and a half since I've posted, but I got a MOC today. I figured I would post my Ant-Centaur. Originally made because the Ant Man set had cool wings, I never got them in, and it became a centaur somehow. Enjoy! C&C appreciated as always.


Side Profile

blurry Back shot

Holding a fork, ready to steal your picnic!



I've said this elsewhere, but this MOC is pretty awesome

my only issue is that it only has 4 legs

though i suppose it still has 6 limbs XD

interesting and nice

Quite an intriguing MOC. I'm curious, though. What are the white attachments for? Are they to keep the MOC up because of the spindly legs?


The custom head looks great, and I like your use of the purple Pakari.
However, I find the lack of proper stability without the use of stands to be rather detrimental to the MOC's overall quality.
If it don't stand up on it's own, it don't stand up as a good MOC.

@Political_Slime Thank you! I feel like I should've added six, but I never did. It could use the support to be frank, it has a hard time standing.

@JMP Thank you!

@Chronicler Unfortunately, because the feet are just tips, it literally cannot stand without those to support it. It's a shame, but that's the price I have to pay for making the legs super spindly. Thank you!

@Sovereign Yeah, that's my main issue with it too. One day, if I can find a good looking knee connection, I'll make it so it can stand on its own. As is now, it needs the stands. Thank you as well!


Still love that head.

Still not a fan of those legs.

Still know that you don't care stuck_out_tongue

Update on this guy really quick:

He can stand without the stand now.

Figured I'd share it.


That was quick!


That thing is adorable

and so, after the shameless plug
the wild Ventum goes back into hiding.


@Dagarak_The_Melon_Knight If you look at it right, yeah. In other ways it can look really spooky. Thank you for the comment.

@Ehryt8o Ha ha ha, so you think. I plan to stay this time, hopefully stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

paytoe, shhh, you can't ruin my plans

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I am saving this quote, so if you don't appear for another while, I will show it to you

slow claps

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It's really cool!

I like it! smile


Wow this is weird, weird, weird and I love it! You're proper smashing it with this MOC! It's a shame he can't stand without support, but heyho, he still looks like a sick Antaur.

He has the power to steal spoons!?

Seriously it is a nice deviation from a standard build. The legs are a tad too thin for my taste, but I can understand why.


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always read the whole topic before posting kiddos :stuck_out_tongue:


I reeaally like that torso

That thing is freaky. Wouldn't want to run into that IRL. I just with that it could stand up on its own.