The Arena

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Krellik yawned widely and stretched out his arms. He stood up and looked outside. Good, the sun hadn’t risen yet. Krellik had to practice all morning if he was going to win this match.
Grabbing his mask, sword and whip, Krellik dashed out of his house and towards the bridge. It was his favorite place to practice. As soon as he got to the bridge, he grinned slightly. Now, the real fun would begin.
Krellik closed his eyes and concentrated. Slowly, vines started to grow out of thin air. They swirled around in his palm like a snake. Krellik chuckled, then spread out his hands, causing the vines to grow, becoming taller and sturdier. Leaves and thorns shot out from the vines as they grew larger. Krellik’s smile widened. Yes, perfect!
He relaxed and stepped back to look at his work. It was just about as tall as his opponent. Krellik folded his arms and nodded. This would do.
Krellik cracked his knuckles and pulled out his weapons. “Let’s see you dodge this,” he muttered.
He then charged toward the dummy with a cry of defiance. His whip sliced through the air faster than sound as it raced towards its target. The moment it came into contact with the dummy, it immediately clutched onto the vines that resembled the opponent’s mask. Krellik grinned as he flicked his wrist, tearing his whip off of the dummy, and a few vines as well. He immediately ran over and leaped over his “opponent,” climbing up the wall and stabbing his sword into the roof of the bridge. “YES!” Krellik cried, punching the air with his fist. He had won.
Krellik jumped off of the roof and broke his fall by landing on the dummy. “You lose this round,” he sneered. He held out his hand in concentration again, and the vines came to life once more. But this time, Krellik made a tight fist, causing the vines to shrivel up and turn brown. By a few seconds, they became completely dry. Krellik cackled as he kicked the remains of vine off the bridge, and watched them fall into the abyss. One down, two to go.
“Krellik! Hey, Krellik!”
Krellik turned his head, wondering who was calling him. “Ah, Espria,” he said. “What are you here for? To admire my technique, or my looks?”
Espria shook her head. “Neither,” she said. “I was just sent by master Makuta to tell you you’ve been assigned a different opponent.”
“Oh, really?” Krellik said in mock surprise. “What’s wrong? Did he get too scared?”
The villager shook her head again, slightly amused. “No, he caught a sickness. You’ll be battling against Bruwis instead.”
Krellik was taken back at that. Bruwis was his best friend. “Who— who assigned him?”
“Not sure. It might’ve been Makuta, though, since he sent me the news.”
Can’t argue with a mask-maker, Krellik thought. “Is the fight at the same time?” he asked.
“Afraid not,” Espria replied sadly. “It’s happening half an hour early.”
Krellik jumped. “Half an hour?! That’s almost right now!” Krellik quickly scooped up his weapons and ran for the arena. Boy, am I glad I got up early, he thought as he ran. But half an hour early? I was thinking it would be delayed! Well, I just hope I’m not late…

“You’re late,” said Makuta disapprovingly as Krellik burst into the courtyard. “Forgive me, master Makuta,” Krellik gasped. “Just wasn’t… expecting it to… be this early.”
“You should try not to sleep in, then,” Makuta advised dryly. “Especially when you’re battling against someone this powerful.”
That got Krellik’s mind back. “But Bruwis is my friend! I can’t battle him! If he lost, he’d… you know what happens to losers, right?!”
Makuta narrowed his eyes. “I know full well. But I find it strange that you’ve suddenly become so sympathetic towards your opponents. Since when did you have this insight?”
“I don’t,” Krellik frowned. “Just that he’s—”
“Your friend, I know,” Makuta said. “But surely you can put that aside for your victory? After all, many new friends won outweighs one old friend lost.”
Krellik started to hold up a hand in protest, but Makuta interrupted him. “Or perhaps you simply want to throw away all the fame you’ve earned,” the mask-maker said. Then before Krellik could reply, Makuta waved a hand dismissively. “Ah, but I’m just making you more late, aren’t I? Go on, before they possibly call off the match.”
Krellik was torn. He didn’t want to fight his friend, but to call off a match because of him would lose a lot of his popularity… and besides, as Makuta had said, many new friends won outweighs one old friend lost…
“Sorry, Bruwis,” Krellik muttered, and he cut across the courtyard.

“Aaand here he is, the unbeaten opponent, the slicer of skulls… KRRRELLIK!”
The audience roared in applause, almost deafening Krellik. Normally, he would have enjoyed the cheering and even have joined in, shouting and punching the air. But this yelling, for him, was completely unenjoyable.
His grip on his sword tightened as he heard the announcer call out Bruwis’s name. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The fact that the announcer was pointing out how nervous Krellik was didn’t help.
As soon as the announcer yelled “GO!” Krellik gave out a battle cry and ran towards Bruwis, whirling out his whip. Immediately it wrapped around Bruwis’s left arm. “HRAH!” yelled Krellik as he flicked his wrist. The whip instantly flung Bruwis across the arena and into a stone wall. Krellik winced. He wished he didn’t have to do it. He just wanted to win with Bruwis still being alive.
“Hit the lever!”
“Yeah, bring him down!”
The audience snapped Krellik out of his thoughts. Right, he was still in the game. Krellik cursed under his breath, then ran over and began to climb the massive pillar that would ensure his victory. Within a few seconds, he was at the top. Just a simple move, and victory would be his. But somehow… something grabbed at his mind. He turned back to Bruwis, who was just regaining consciousness. If he won, he’d earn many new fans, but… I’ve got better things to do than let my friend die, he thought firmly.
Krellik stabbed his sword into the stone, activating the ancient mechanism. Immediately, the stone hexagons that made up the floor started to fall at random. Krellik then jumped off the pillar, running over to Bruwis. “Hang on!” he called. He no longer cared about fame or fans. He just wanted to save Bruwis.
Grabbing onto Bruwis’s wrist with his whip, Krellik flung his friend over his head, where Bruwis landed to safety on the pillar. Now, to save himself. Too many tiles had fallen for him to run. Krellik had to make a jump for it.
He stepped backwards a few steps and quickly judged the length. He then started to run. Fast, faster, and still yet faster he ran. Krellik then leaped off the tile and prayed he’d make it. Suddenly, everything seemed to move in slow-motion. The pillar was too far away! He flung his hands around wildly in an attempt to grab the ledge, but to no avail. He heard a crunching sound as he crashed against the wall. A second later, he fell off.
He suddenly saw images dart across his mind, images of himself as a child; winning his first match; making friends with Bruwis; this moment right now, as he was falling to his untimely demise.
Krellik then realized that this was better than any amount of fans in the world. He had saved his friend. He closed his eyes and smiled.
Then, he landed.

He opened his eyes. “Wh… who said that…?” he groaned. He was surprised at how scratchy his voice sounded.
I am Kulta, the Skull Grinder. Rise, Skull Slicer.


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