The Armored Avenger

Made this for a grid project in art class, so it’s a bit outside of my usual style.


Ohhh, looks really good! Better shading than I can do


Positively outstanding work.
Everything here looks perfect.

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That looks really impressive! Is it based off of an actual picture?

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Excellent work! The shading is so well done that for a moment I thought you had used a filter on an actual image of Iron Man. Very impressive, and way out of my skill zone (my art is fine, but shading is my nemesis)! I’d love to see more pieces like this in the future!

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@decepticonaiden Thanks! I can’t shade this well from memory at all either, this was all from paying very close attention to a picture.
@meepinater Thank you!
@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister Yes, it’s based on a shot from the first movie.

@Toa_Heatwave Thanks! I may do more pieces like this every once in a while, but they take forever, and get pretty boring after a while. It was a project for school, and we had to measure it all out into a grid, and copy the whole thing inch square by inch square. I took a few shortcuts here and there, and it was still tedious.


Wow looks like a real 1900’s photo!

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At first I thought it is just an edited picture.

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