The Arrow-Verse Discussion

Well, it started 3 years ago… when Arrow was first introduced… Then 1 year ago, The Flash… And soon… Atom, Supergirl, and Vixen… So for those DC fans (Of which are highly neglected; thanks to Marvel…) who want to discuss the universe, for those who are not caught up; stop reading, now!

Sooo… Regarding the Arrow Mid-Season finale, what do you thinks gonna happen? I don’t know exactly what’ll happen; but I’m ready! On The Flash too…


I’m just starting season 3 (thanks netflix…) and I still pay attention to DC it’s just… Marvel’s movies and 2 shows are awesome and I’ve been waiting for DC’s movies but Arrow and Flash are great (acting could be a little better in Flash though, the kid who plays Barry is good)


So, yeah, um…
This topic shall be closed that way someone else can make a new one(s) or something.
I feel this topic doesn’t work due to me basically questioning a specific part of the series
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