The "Art of Bionicle Concepts Recreations" Topic

I cant be the only one who wants to try and recreate some of the concepts shown in the
“Art of Bionicle” art book, so I made a topic for all of us who want to try and recreate the concepts however we can, we could 3d print some pieces and mods some current pieces we have via painting or cutting them.

Villain_1 and Villain_2 seem to be pretty straight forward, except for the masks and some pieces used on them.

You can post here your recreations of any of the concepts shown in the book, be free to do so.


I would love to recreate some of the concepts from the art work, sadly i don’t have much CCBS parts :stuck_out_tongue:

Inner purist triggered

Would love to see some of these concepts come to life, but don’t expect me to contribute as I too don’t have much CCBS

i really want to try do some of the guys in the book… so cool

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Im going to try to make the masks whenever i have time. But that would be all i would do unless i feel like making the bodies.


Well if you haven’t heard yet, I have done my best to recreate “Stone Slicer”. Even tho it has its own topic, I’ll put a picture here as well.


Trying to replicate the double shooter skull villain, but his weapons are a little tricky. Trying to find a way for his hands to hold both a shooter and a sword pointing forwards at the same time while having the weapon easy to remove.


I’ve successfully made a MOC that looks a whole lot like this guy

I’m going to post it when I get the chance to take decent pictures of him :wink:.

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Mr. Pohatu-killer is probably the easiest guy to replicate if you have the right pieces tbh. I’d like to see people tackle concepts that don’t look like they were already made in ccbs, like Octo-Umarak the stone golem

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Green Voodoo Hoodie Guy also looks pretty straight forward, I would make him if I knew how to make a hoodie and the cape and I had the pieces to make the staff

He doesnt even have a custom mask, he has the head with red eyes and thee hoodie on top

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I may try to make some of those characters in the future.

BTW I posted the MOC


Gaé7 on flickr made this scorpion like creature

I have to say he did a really nice job


I have posted my octopus umarak mask over here in my mask topic.

Gaé7 strikes back