The Art of Bionicle in LDD: Lava Rhino

Hi there!
You may know that I am working at some LDD models for the Art Book concepts. Here is the second: the Lava Rhino.

This Creature of Fire is in the armor class. It was meant to be a Melum and Terak, but without the Unity Piece and the Creature Head Piece, I couldn't do it normal. It would have Terak's system.

A look from the back. Hey look! He have a little tail! Cool!

In Unity Form with a basic Toa.

Here is the Art Book form.

Here is the upgraded form of the Fire Falcon (he have his own topic):

You can see that now he have a better tail.



Boooo. It's not made of Duplo.


Looks great but Where is the rhinos horn behind the big horn

I r8 7/8 for not using duplo.

Heresy aside my dude i really like how it captures to looks and feel of the concept art.

My only problem is theres too little red.


Dudes, I am bagging you, don't talk about Duplo, this TTV change for Brickonicle make me angry enough!

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