The Artwork of BIONICLE Reiterated

So BIONICLE Reiterated wrapped up its first season a week ago, and I figured it was time to share some of the artwork for the show. Since 99% of the show was filmed on a green/blue screen, almost every shot had to have a background created for it in Photoshop. My process was to hand-draw the backgrounds and then spruce them up with color and textures in Photoshop.

For example:

This is the Temple of Time straight off of the literal drawing board.

And this is the Temple of Time after Photoshop got done with it.

Below will be some of my favorite backgrounds, digital props, and pieces of art from all nine episodes from Reiterated Season 1. Some will have blue or green as their sky, as those were keyed out and replaced with day or night sky in post production.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

This piece of artwork was done by @ZceeNook. The original plan was for him to do all of the Ekimu flashback scenes, but he got busy and was only able to deliver this one.

This piece of art was originally supposed to be set in a library, but decided to change it to Kulta’s lair that we’d seen earlier in the show, leading viewers to learn through visual storytelling that the lair Kulta and his Skull Lieutenants use was Kulta’s house during life.


My island of Okoto. Obviously very close to the official Okoto, I slightly redesigned it to add a further emphasis on the Region of Water being flooded, and made it less… roundish. A bit slimmer, similar to the Island of Mata Nui.

The Season 1 poster.

Character poster for Skull Basher, advertising @ShadowWolfHount.

Character poster for Gali, advertising @KlendaV.

Character poster for Kopaka, advertising @Scorpion_Strike

Character poster for Kulta, advertising @VBBN.

Character poster for Lewa, advertising @Eljay.

Character poster for Onua, advertising… me!

Character poster for Pohatu, advertising @JediTimeLord824.

Character poster for Skull Slicer, advertising @RaptorTalon.

Character poster for Tahu, again advertising @RaptorTalon.


Most of this looks really good - just not the trees. Your trees could use some work. The rest of it looks really cool, though.


I now have the hype.

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needs shading

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I really liked the skull villains

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Episode 7 and that one flashback scene look good, but the rest are weird, it’s like putting an ms Paint house on top of a realistic street background


A lot of these look really good, especially that last one from episode 7. However, I do agree the trees need a little work, and the drawings look really jarring when they’re paired up with the realistic assets.

Hello, all! Been a long while since I’ve updated this. Since the series is now complete and the story is over, I thought I’d place all of these here as a nice way to find all of them. For the finale of BIONICLE Reiterated, I had several pieces of art worked on. The first, by @Ven at the top, is an official promo poster that showcases the Makuta MOC built for the finale.

These next few were done by @Jitil824 for the credits sequence. Each one represents a different actor and the character(s) they played in the series.

The first is for Kopaka (Scorpion_Strike).

The second is for Lewa (Eljay).

Next we have Gali (Klenda from BCC)

This one is for Tahu, Skull Slicer, and Ekimu, all voiced by RaptorTalon.

Then we have Pohatu, Ahkmou- Toa of Shadow, and the Protectors of Fire and Ice, Narmoto and Nilkuu (Jitil, the artist himself).

And finally we come to Onua, Makuta, and the Protector of Jungle, Vizuna (me!).

I love how stylized these are and they look great over the credits of the final film. They’d probably also work really well as wallpapers for phones, so have at 'em if you feel like it.

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