The Azure files part 1 of 3 - Prizes to pay (An Okotan Adventurous spin off story)

The Azure files

Note: This is a story based in the Okotan adventures RP created by @Runa in its universe and timeline. More exactly after the events of “Okotan Adventures: The Adventure Continues”. This story is divided into three parts though I’ll do more if I feel like it.

Azure’s log:
Location: Fire Region
Time: 22 years after the Toa’s arrival.
Current mission: Retrieve the prize money for the bounty.

Azure walked down a road in the southern parts of the Fire Region in a small village just west of the border of the region. She was headed for a local pub with her was rather beaten up Okotan whom she tightly holds in her grips.
“Hey can’t we just call it even?” The Okotan asks.
“No” Azure responded coldly not letting go of him.
“Is this about me scratching your paint job?”
He asks a bit frighten, he points at a blue armor piece on Azures lower arm. She looks at it and shook her head. To the Okotan Azure felt very out of place or alien she was unlike anything he had seen before but not in a good way. One thought kept running in the back of his head that chilled down his spine. The thought got worse when Azure let out coldly.
“Just stay quiet 'til we reach the pub at least. So I can get my reward and you’ll be behind bars.”
The Okotan shivered as they approached the Pub, The sun was setting but Azure wasted no time looking at it. She quickly drew one of her Magma swords and welded the armor on the Okotans arm to a Lamp post outside.
“Stay” Azure stated before heading for the door.
“Like I’ve could move from here, I’m literally welded to a lamp post!” He lets out annoyed.
Azure chuckled “I know! isn’t it hilarious?” She joking comments before entering the pub.
It was definitely more crowded now then it was last time she was her. Of course, that probably was because last time she was there it was noon she figured. She never liked the public but after the last few months, it would be an impossible goal not to be recognized, being apart of Ekimus group of explorers had brought a lot of attention to her mostly because of her outwordly looks and not really her accomplishments. That’s why she started wearing a red scarf she had acquired after first coming to the Fire Region. The scarf was meant to shield her identity by making her look more like a Water Okotan but with an unusual mask. This didn’t work 100% flawlessly and people still came up and said: “Hey, do I remember you from somewhere?” Azure always responded with a cold “No.”.
She made it to the bar without being spotted by some curious Okotan who wish to speak to someone well know just to brag about it.
“Hey, I brought the Scumbag on the poster for you!” She yelled to the one serving drinks. He came rushing over to where she was sitting. He Said: “What scumbag?” he asks quietly to avoid a riot.
“The one on this poster and I’m expecting my 3 grand of widgets from you right now:” She said grabbing him by the neck.
“Okay, Okay, just calm down.” He said and Azure put him down he scurried in the back and got a bag of widgets and put it in front of her.
“Now where is that slime?” He asked.
“Outside, Welded to a lamp post.” She casually replies, “Yup, there’s a really good master blacksmith down the streets that would love to lend a hand in removing him from it.” She comments before picking up the bag.
She turned around and sitting to her right was an Okotan who said: “I know you from somewhere you’re that alien girl who helped Ekimu, right?” Azure didn’t respond she began thinking “I need a distraction.” She soon found her solution over on the wall behind the Okotan hanged a dart board. She aimed and throw her shuriken at it, The shuriken flew right passed the Okotan as it went for a bullseye when it struck the center of the board Azure joyfully shouted “BULLSEYE!” it didn’t take long for the crowd to begin cheering and making noise over the incredible shot. Also, it didn’t take long before Azure regained her focus on the task at hand and rushed out of the pub. She didn’t have time to retrieve her shuriken which bothered her since it was undoubtedly something special about it. When she exited the door she went up to the Okotan she welded to the lamp post earlier and spit on him.
“That’s for you causing me too much problem.” She said and spit on him again. “And this is for you scratching my paint job:” She jokingly adds. She then rushes off as she here the door slam open it was the Okotan from the bar he to had regained his focus. He ran out on the road and shouted to her “Hey, I was talking to you wasn’t I!”.
“It’s no use.” The one stuck to the lamp post said.
“And what do you know about that?” The Okotan asked and went inside slamming the door before anyone could respond.

Meanwhile Azure took in on the inn outside of town for the night she was rather tired it been a rough couple of months and her body and mentality didn’t like it. Her body screamed for mercy after months of exceeding its limits and countless hours training. In her mind, it felt like a chaos of thoughts good, bad, regrets swirling around drowning her and draining her energies but who could blame her. She has been under a lot of pressure since she got her at first it was about finding a close friend of hers she has been split from after a series of events happening in another world, another time. She got here from her world via portal capable of traveling through the multiverse but with no way back making it essentially a one-way ticket which added to her stress. Not only made it so that she only one chance at finding her friends dimension she knows she would be stuck there even if it was the wrong universe.
Later that day she met him her friend but he had no recollection of her and that’s when it all truly started she knew she had taken a risk going to Okoto but this was unbearable after that she tried to find a way home but after the confrontation with Makuta the only way of returning was destroyed and Ekimu insisted on not helping her fix it causing her to be stranded there and now she’s lost beyond rational thought pressured with her own failures from the past.
To coup with all of this she quickly disconnected from everyone she knew and ran of starting a trend of hunting criminals for reward and within a month, she was the most hired bounty hunter in The Mask Makers City. Running every bounty she could get her hands on but what started as something to provide herself with money became just unnecessary violence which was just a way to let her anger out on others.
None of the others from Ekimu’s group had seen her for a long time and she made sure to stay out of sight from them.

Even though she believed it to be necessary to avoid her friends she sometimes wasn’t sure if she made the right call but her latest decision was to her the right call. She would go on a journey to find herself by climbing the highest peaks of the island to reach the top. When she reached them she was going to take her time to meditate for herself which in turn should help her find herself.

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