The Azure Files Part 2 of 3: Rise'n'shine (An Okotan Adventures spin-off story)

The Azure Files Part 2

Note: The following short story contains nods, easter eggs and other story elements from and related to the Okotan Adventures Rp created by @Runa. This story takes place after the events of Okotan Adventures or more exactly after “Okotan Adventures: The Adventure Continues” and the first part of The Azure Files.

Azure’s Log
Time: 22.5 years after the Toas arrival on Okoto
Location: The Ice Region.
Current Objective: Climb to the highest peak.

"Great this is just perfect for the last hour now I’ve been climbing this godforsaken mountain just to find out I’m not even halfway to the top. I mean I’m no lousy climber I can’t say I haven’t climbed taller mountains faster than this, on the other hand, the temperature here is freezing cold. Though it could be because of the added weight from the extra clothing I’m sporting, of course, the purpose of the clothes is to keep most of the cold out. " Azure begins monologuing to herself in her thoughts. “So I shouldn’t complain but a little bit warmth hadn’t been too bad or a cup of hot chocolate milk with marshmallows. Anyways if I were to look at the bright side of this then I can’t complain about the fresh air it is really something special and very refreshing.” She continues her monologue before she begins to think back on how she did get here.

Two weeks ago Azure had only first reached the Ice Region after her long time spent in the Fire Region and it’s boiling temperature she had really appreciated and welcomed the colder and chilly temperatures of the Ice Region. Of course, I didn’t take long for her to get annoyed by the cold. One of Azure’s main goals after reaching the Region was to set out and find a small remote village in from which she could gather information about Okoto’s highest peak. Why? Because she needed time to reflect on her own life and find her way after losing it to unnecessary violence for small payments of widgets. Which was a way for her to release her frustrations even if it never completely paid off. For Azure had not only let her frustration out on strangers and criminals but she had also abandoned her friends for feeling ashamed of herself.

About a week ago Azure had received the information she been after and headed out days later. She travelled through the Region to reach the mountain when she arrived at the mountain she had seen to it that she began climbing towards its peak.

In the present time, Azure had reached halfway up the mountain and she began her climb during midday the day before and she calculated another day might be needed for her to reach the peak. Azure continued climbing up the mountain she didn’t look down and she ignored the cold for now…


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~~Vladin, Toa of Fire