The Azure Skrall; a concept art

A concept art for an animation project I'm working on. An Azure Skrall concept, may or may not make it to the animation series.

In short, Azure Skrall are a subspecies of the general skrall species in which they themselves are a subspecies of the dominant race, the glatorians (does that make sense? :/). They are easily recognized by their unusually tall height and their clear bluish azure skin.

I intend on having the story be written first on a blog or here on the form before making the animations. More concept art to come! Enjoi



This is very interesting! I like the drawing a lot smiley

Interesting, but I just noticed something. If you switch a few armor pieces here and there and give it a real mask, this thing might be buildable. I hope he makes it into your animation. wink

Reminds me of Skull Warrior. I don't know why.

great drawing its better than what I can do

This looks great.

This is a great drawing!

I like it but maybe a kulta skull mask.

For those wondering, the mask is based off of a combo on Kulta's upper half of the mask (the most obvious) with eye holes based a bit off of the MoCr. The lower part of the mask is mostly inspired by Drilldozer's mask.