The basics of my bionicle universe

So the Sartax universe 101. In the beginning there were three creatures (the creators) Kamarax (the first Makuta) the creator of evil energy and power, Profax (the Oracle) the creator of life and death, Xenox (the Judgment of reality) the creator of Light energy and elements. These beings gave there power to three people the Gods of War and these people were Kerona,Prokan, and Xerona but when the creators left what they had created they left behind three (sacred curses) weapons and three Gems Kerona was given the curse of power The World Fang and the source of all darkness the Kamea Stone which became his heart the same happened to Prokan and Xerona. Prokan was given the curse of death the Prakana and the Gem of life the anarak stone. Xerona was given the curse of judgement the Cold Heart and the Gem of elements the Xeronakarpak stone.

Now with that out of the way we can work on part two of the basics. Part two Sacred curses explained. Ok here we go weapons in this universe are called sacred curses this is because the user is bound to a weapon its like wands from harry potter you don’t choose them they choose you and when the user states the name of the curse it activates the true essence of the user this means they could have extra regeneration/healing extra strength a plethora of things could happen to them when the curse is activated. Well that about sums up weapons.

On to part three and if you’re still reading thank you so what else do i need to cover oh yes elements this will be fun here we go a list of them all

(1) Fire (simple enough hot red air essentially)

(2) Water (a blue liquid and ice)

(3) Earth (rocks and pebbles )

(4) Life (plants and trees)

(5) Tech (clocks with emotions)

(6) Undead (spooky scary skeletons and timid little ghosts)

(7)Magic (you’re a wizard harry but i’m just harry)

(8) Air (giant flying sheep! You mean the clouds right)

Welp that was fun and hope ya enjoyed and if you still reading comment Potato and i will say thank you. I will see all you dudes and gals in the next one.



Nice work!

It seems to be pretty good.
I finally understand the thing with the sacred curses.
However, try to use more , and .

Yeah but without them your writing is hard to read and looks like a mess.

I know i’l fix it when i get time i suppose.

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