The Batcave WIP

I decided to start with the computer area, and added the cases for the two batsuits because it was simple and easy.
I need some suggestions on where to do next.

I you like it thus far, extremely simple as it is.


looks like an official lego set. Well, with a few tweaks.

Not gonna lie this looks like it was quickly made with whatever parts could be found, it looks very unstable specially the top area. Granted this is a WIP.

However I do find the computer kinda nice


Thank you very much!
That’s rather accurate, honestly.
I spent most of the time getting the computer to look right, and the rest is rather unstable, which is a fix I plan on doing before anything else.
I finally got around to sorting my technic, so I’ll probably incorporate that as an infrastructure.

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I really like what you’re trying to go for so far.

Can’t wait for the finished product!

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It be super cool if the batsuits were in a full case and the front part would either raise or lower to allow access.

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I’ll keep that in mind.
I’ll probably get more batsuits soon, too.

To be completely honest, this looks like something that would be on Lego’s website, in the section where MOCs are posted.

I’d recommend trying to get a more coherent look from the flooring and add actual walls.

Why are people saying this looks cool? The colours are seemingly random and it’s very unstable looking.

loving the current design i would just change colours and fix the aforementioned stability issues

These reviews are mixed, to say the least…
I know it’s bad, it isn’t finished, and I want suggestions on how to improve it.
That’s the plan, hopefully.
A: Because people have their own opinions.
B: That’s partially attributed to the lighting, and, partially to the computer.


That looks great!

Looks good as far as I can tell!
I feel like it could you some more support (I fear that the upper floor will break off) because I have the same problem with my big system builds.
It looks great though! I love the little details you’ve added to make it look high tech!
I love the batsuits as well!
Nice job!

Thanks, and yes, support is one of the first issues I will address.


It should have more black. Or maybe, really really dark grey.

But in all seriousness I think you should try to make the floor all one color. That would go a long way in making this look more coherent. The computer is A OK, though.


Could use more cave, at least in a few areas. Maybe along a wall or create an arch? Dunno, but more rock will go a long way.


I do like how you have different platforms, but make it feel more like a cave.

Have the structures be built around the cave. Also have a lowest section for the bat mobile.

You will make a batmobile, won’t you?


Thanks, and noted.
Sounds good, and I already have a Batmobile from a set, I’m just gonna modify it a bit. (Stupid guns…)

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As others have said, the current set-up works as a basic idea of a batcave layout in terms of the technology, however feel you could benefit from having a cave surrounding set-up.

Even if its just a couple of grey base plates put behind it, i feel it would help it look a little more like a cave.