The Bats and The Beetles

A second duo it seems. Now while not intended, these two kind of end up being counterparts to the toa I posted prior to this. Sadly they have way less character than them.

Enough talking/typing, time for pics.

The bat, one of my favourite recent mocs. A shame her feet have 08 joints.

The beetle was a fine building experience. He’s a wee bit small but still tough.

And a manditory photo of both. Told you he’s small. It took me a while to notice I basically did the 08 makuta dynamic of bugs and bats.

Thoughts and critiques are greatly welcomed!


Are they actually Makuta? They are both very nice, but the Beetle is really outstanding. The Bat should have some kind of a mouth to fill the hole, in my opinion.

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I love the both. Nice

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They are very cute despite being evil

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That beetle seems like it’s having a hard time with that horn that is longer/taller than itself.

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As a lover of bats and beetles, I approve these mocs :+1:

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The bat is good, but that beetle is amazing, love the shaping on him.

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