The Battle of Thebes(Civ 6 Inspired Alternate History RP Signup)

Note: This is based on the world in a game of Civ6 I’m playing, so if stuff doesn’t line up to real life, it’s because this isn’t real life. It’s alternate ‘history.’

Thebes. The formerly Egyptian city and holder of the Pyramids. To the north: Ra-Kedet, capital of Egypt. To the south: Swenett, Egypt and Murcia, Spain. To the east: Pydna, Macedon. To the west: the open desert. During one of the largest battles in the Franco-Egyptian War, Poland, ally of France, captured the Thebes, and had held it for somewhere around 15 years despite it being on a complete different continent from the Polish Empire’s core.
Until today.
After the Franco-Egyptian War, the king of Poland, Jadwiga, decided to no longer focus on the army, opting to ■■■■■ focus towards piety. Leaving only two Winged Hussar regiments to defend Thebes, most of what was left of her military, she shifted her focus.
Leaving her nation, her city, completely unprepared for attack.
Spain, fearing Poland’s religious power and allied with Egypt, declared war unto them, attacking from the south. Their first target: Thebes.

This RP will take place primarily, if not solely, in the city of Thebes, it starting as a Polish city for now. It will also be near the very beginning of the Industrial Era, so weaponry for civilians would be mainly melee weapons, with the odd flintlock pistol(which will have a few restrictions, more on that in the rules), while the few army soldiers will have to be Spanish Conquistadors, or(and I’ll only accepts a few because of circumstances) Polish Winged Hussars, armed with muskets or spears on horseback respectively.

Now, first is the big one. Yes, your characters can die. Without the threat of death, the low stakes would get boring quick. What’s a siege without a little fear of death?
So that means that you shouldn’t godmod. Remember, your character is only human, and should act as such. Other than that, I think that the normal rules apply, and if you don’t know them, I’d say this is a good way to sum them up:
Don’t be stupid
Don’t be a jerk
Remember that the other players are people too.
And I almost forgot: The pistol(well, gun) rules.

  • You can only shoot one bullet a post, and you have to specify that you’ve reloaded before you can fire again.
  • Being that these are early firearms, keep in mind that they aren’t very accurate, so they aren’t an insta-kill weapon. On the other hand, though, don’t think that means you can perfectly dodge every shot if you’re being fired at.

Alright, on to the rest of things now.

Signup sheet
Nationality:(There’s a list of those you can be at the bottom of the signup. I had to limit it to the nations and city-states present in my game, sorry.)
Weapons: (or you could say what type of warrior unit they are if they’re a Conquistador of a Winged Hussar)



Hong Kong
La Venta
Buenos Aires

And Alliances as well, just 'cuz.

Poland: Allied with England, Macedon, France, and Japan, while at tension with everyone else, and at war with Spain. Suzerain of Kumasi, Seoul, Buenos Aires, and Toronto.
Spain: Allied with Egypt and Brazil, at tension with everyone else. At war with Poland. Suzerain of La Venta,
Japan: Allied with Poland and Macedon, liked by England and France, at tension with everyone else.
France: Allied with Poland, disliked by Japan, at tension with everyone else.
Aztecs: Neutral with Brazil, at tension with everyone else. Suzerain of Antananarivo.
Macedon: Allied with Poland and Japan, at tensions with everyone else. At war with Egypt: Suzerain of Granada, Lisbon, and Amsterdam.
England: Allied with Poland, friendly with Japan, neutral with Greece, at tension with everyone else. Suzerain of Geneva.
Egypt: Allied with Spain and Brazil, at tension with everyone else. At war with Macedon.
Greece: Friendly towards England, disliked by Brazil, at tension with everyone else. Suzerain of Palenque.
Brazil: Allied Egypt and Spain, neutral with Greece, disliked by Aztecs, at tension with everyone else. Suzerain of Armagh.

This is just in case you were wondering about what the world looked like:

Not ideal, I know, but this is the best I could do. The big picture is Thebes and the surrounding countryside and stuff. The thing in the bottom left is a minimap of the world.

[details=Color coordination is for the nations is:]Green/yellow: Brazil. Blue/yello: France. Blue/darker blue: Geneva(on the western French shore). White/red: Japan. Red/yellow: Spain. Dark Blue/yellow: Egypt. Two yellows: Macedon. Yellow and black(east of Brazil): Amsterdam. Purple(Below Egypt): Kumasi. White(west of Egypt): La Venta. Yellow(South of Macedon): Muscat. Bright red/white: Poland. Dark red/white east of Poland: England. Dark red/white south of Poland: Greece. Green/red: Aztecs. Multicolored spots east of England: Seoul, Buenos Aires, Palenque, and Toronto. Purple(middle of Aztecs): Antananarivo. West of mainland Poland: Lisbon. Two city states on other continent: Armagh(north) and Hong Kong(south).
While hard to distinguish, Yeveran is between Japan and Brazil, north of Amsterdam. And I think that’s all of them. Y’know, this’d be a lot easier if I could get videos off of my Switch in a way other than jumping through like twenty hoops, Nintendo.[/details]


[details=You don’t need to know this for anything in the RP really, but this is a general history of key points of things that happen to and involving Poland, since that’s who I’m playing as in-game, in case you were curious.]* Meeting of Greece and England. England was an almost immediate ally, while tensions arose with Greece.

  • Meeting of Aztecs. Foreign affairs with them stayed primarily neutral.
  • First Greco-Polish War: Started by joint-war plot between Aztecs and Poland to stunt growth of Greece. Poland captured Greek city of Rhodes, fought of Greek troops attempting reconquest, before peace was made and Greece ceded Rhodes.
  • Poland builds the Oracle
  • Polish prophet founds religion of Gaiaism, or the worship of the Mother Earth. Becomes dominant in Poland and England.
  • Second Greco-Polish War: Greece, wanting to retake Rhodes, made a joint war pact with the Aztecs to fight them. Aztecs did little to nothing, keeping relations with Poland fair after the war. Poland instead takes Sparta, capital of Greece, after a long siege. Makes peace soon after at a slight loss of gold so as to not lose the city.
  • Gaiaistic apostles convert remaining cities of Greece, Aztec Empire soon to follow, wiping out dominant worship of Hinduism in all but a few city states.
  • Poland builds the wonder of the Mahabodhi Temple
  • Meeting of the Macedonian Empire. Connections seem neutral at first.
  • Formed Alliance with England
  • The discovery of a new continent, soon named Oceana.
  • Poland finishes building of the wonder of the Coliseum.
  • Discovery of new continent, which was named South America
  • Meeting of Egypt, coupled with discovery of a new continent, known as Rodinia.
  • Conversion of Macedon to Gaiaism. Apostles remaining in that area of the world start to target Egypt.
  • Meeting of France and discovery of the continent of Australia.
  • Gaiaistic apostles start journey to France for evangelizing.
  • Alliance is formed with Macedon.
  • Meeting of Japan, Brazil, and Spain.
  • Mobilization for possible war on Egypt.
  • Alliances formed with France and Japan.
  • Poland finishes construction on the wonder of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
  • Franco-Egyptian War: After Brazil and Egypt declared war on France, Poland retaliated by declaring war on Egypt, who they’d had in eye previously anyways due to wanting to get rid of a large religious adversary and gain a hub for their religious missions on Rodinia and Australia. During the war, Poland captured Thebes, bringing with it the Pyramids. France soon made peace with Brazil and Egypt, with Poland following soon after, keeping their spoils, to avoid more wrath from the world at large for their warmongering.
  • During the Franco-Egyptian War, Poland finished construction on the wonder of the Colossus in Kalisz. First Polish wonder not built in Krakow.
  • Conversion of a majority of France to Gaiaism.
  • The wonder of Alhambra is built in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Franco-Japanese War: France, likely wanting Japanese land, declares war on Japan, another of Poland’s allies. Despite their city of Bydgoszcz being on the border of the two countries, Poland stays neutral in the affair, not wanting to sour ties with either country.
  • Spanish-Polish War: Spain declares war on an underprepared Poland, most likely fearing their religious dominance.[/details]

Whoo, okay. That was a lot, but that’s it. Have fun, and I’ll meet you in Thebes.


Let’s see if adding in my characters will get this running a bit better. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot.

Name: Felicjan Kwiatkowski
Nationality: Poland
Weapons: Winged Hussar
Bio/Personality: The leader of one of the Winged Hussar regiments stationed in Thebes. He’s usually very proud and is a natural born leader and fighter.

Name: Bertrand Demers
Gender: Male
Nationality: France
Weapons: Rapier, Flintlock pistol.
Bio/Personality: A French scholar traveling the world, taking in and documenting their wonders. Came to Thebes to see the Pyramids, but was there when the attack started. Generally knowledgeable about other cultures, and while easily startled and generally very scared, will stand up for himself and others, no matter how close he gets to passing out from these terrifying encounters.

Name: Alvar Arias
Gender: Male
Nationality: Spain
Weapons: Conquistador
Bio/Personality: Leader of one of the many conquistador regiments attacking the city. Stern, with a temper.

Name: Akila
Gender: Female
Nationality: Egypt
Weapons: Flintlock, dual swordbreaker daggers.
Bio/Personality: Leader of the “Egyptian Splinter,” a resistance group in Thebes that is still loyal to Cleopatra and her empire. Very wild person, doesn’t like to take orders.

Name: Kasandra, or Kasie (Kay-see)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Greece
Weapons: small, one-handed crossbow, longbow, various arrows with different effects. (Grappling arrow, fire arrow, poison arrow, heavy arrow.) She also carries a short-sword.
Appearance: Short, with short dark brown hair, with red highlights. She has big brown eyes and is innocent looking.
Bio/Personality: An accomplished thief and pick-pocket, as well as an archer, Kasie likes to travel around to different cities, to steal from different people and citizens. She collects one coin from each city she travels to, and the rest she uses for other needs. She is sneaky and deceptive, but she can be fierce when needed.

Uh, about that.

Lack of interest left this to die. The original idea was instead shifted and shaped into becoming Cusp of a New Era.

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I noticed a similarity.
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