The Beast 2.1: JMP's (minor) Upgrades

Following everyone's suggestions from the previous upgrade, I decided to minorly change a few things in JMP's giant form(sorry fans of the old one, the new one is permeneant until I decide otherwise). anyway, You must be wondering why I'd just post another photo. Well there's some minor changes:

The Feet

EVERYONE's problem was with the feet. Yes they were ball joints but I found them tolerable. Now I've covered them up to make sure people are satishfied...well the front and side balljoints. I have no plans to cover the balljoints in the heels...

The back

The back felt messy to me, so I decided to try adding on stuff. I added a Paw hand on the but flap to lessen the ball joints, I added pohatu claws to keep the backpack spiky and menacing without the thornaxx head. Besides that I added visorak spikes on the Shoulders

Chaos Battle Blade

Weapon's been upgraded to be more long. That is all


Also, He sits!(sorta)


Now he looks in my opinion much better! smile

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Very nice upgrade. The legs look much better now.

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Alright, this looks pretty cool. I just want to say that you should probably find a better place to do your photography. I know mine aren't perfect, (I use the wall right outside my bedroom =P) but something with a lot less depth and clutter in the background would be nice. In addition, letting the camera focus more on the subject would help a lot, so try to keep a steady hand.

Otherwise, the MOC itself looks great!

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Those marvelous man-boobs

jkjk. He looks So much better, dude.

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The back is much cleaner!

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Very nice! The black Pakari is absurdly out-of-proportion yet works surprisingly well. I love those Tidrax cages and tires on the legs! (not too sure about the dark grey supports sticking out on the sides though)

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The chest and head are actually human proportioned, since not only could the head fit in the chest, but until you get to the waist, everything is in human proportion...apperantly. Also I actually upgraded the moc again and might upgraded more before I post it

I suppose they are. I guess the gigantic legs and shoulderpads threw me off. :stuck_out_tongue:

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shoulder wheels you mean?

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