The beast of the Dead Swamp

Deep in the swamps of Spherus Magna a monster was awkakened from the battle of Mata Nui and Makuta...a terrible monster that now inhabbits the ghostly and rotting parts......of the Dead Swamp...

(This last picture was taken with a blacklight to illumenate the translusent parts)


The translucent parts look cool in black light!


this guy(or is it female) looks good! Dunno about some of the colors but if you're going for a giant thing made of green and brown parts, it worked.

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I agree.

a little messy but that makes it look good.

I remember this guy from Nazo's streams!

Heh, you were their huh?

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I was the guy who posted the Krika revamp.

Oh that was you, I must say, that was pretty good.

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Thanks smile
Nice MOC btw.

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Thanks man, and your welcome

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I like the covered in spikes look, getting a Swamp thing vibe mixed with Slender Man. Feel it might be interesting to see more of that sort of colour dispersed over the arms and legs.

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Thats exactly what I was going for @Scarilian

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I actually like this thing a lot, but the color scheme seems really odd. What's with the random brown on the arms?

Anyway, I'm merely the herald. @Ekorak shall bring the thunder.

Sorry, my tablet is fresh out of Thunder. I'll have to use my computers's High Intensity Thunder Critique Mortar in the morning or whenever I have the time.


The random brown is to represent the rotting bark of its tree like limbs, plus I want to keep them spinly and don't have that much brown.

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When i saw the title i just thought
''It's all ogre now''


Those Ehlek spines are just two good, well done...