The beginning of Nidhiki's end (Fanon Contest 3: Dark Hunter Lariska)

" I already know where you are. I can smell your fear. "

A pretty standard Larry made for Duckbricks’ contest. Could’ve done a better job but I ran out of creative juices.

Head is pretty half-■■■■■ since her face is supposed be covered most of the time.
Her mouth is built in such a way that a mask can be fitted on her face but it wouldn’t look very good.

Constructive criticism is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Studio file


My favorite detail here is the bushing pin “ears”. Very piston-like, reminds me of the pistons jutting out of Mata Nui’s ankles. It’s a cool mechanical detail that keeps her from looking too organic while still giving her life-like character. I also like the flexibility of the toes, helps naturalize her

10/10! Well done Jopie!


great torso!

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Nice job! I like how you incorprated existing turquoise and metru blue pieces into it. Overall a neat moc

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Well done! This Lariska is appropriately frightening for a Dark Hunter while still maintaining a flexible body. 10/10

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cool to see possable toes on a foot