The best and the worst of G1 sets (personal opinions)

Warning: This post contains opinions that may disagree with yours. If you are easily offended by differing opinions, I would advise you do not read this post.

Back in March, the shock of Lego cancelling G2 finally wore off for me and I realized that Bionicle is over for good. I created my G2 sets topic because I felt I should contribute to the legacy of G2.( ) Well, Brickonicle has given me hope that Bionicle could come back a third time. so I am making this topic, which is going to be a lot more lengthy than the other one. Wait a sec, that's kinda obvious. G1 ran longer than G2. Anyways, I digress. so, Without further ado, here is my favorite G1 sets.

G1 had a lot of clone sets, but I still have likes and dislikes among clone sets. Also, a lot of the time, the reason I dislike a set is very nitpicky, but I tried to list a reason for why I disliked a set. Also, my reason for disliking one set sometimes is why I like another.


Toa Mata:
-Best: Kopaka
-Worst: (sorry @Eljay) Lewa, I dont like the axe and again, sorry Eljay, but I don't like the original Miru.

-Best: Matoro
-Worst: Jala, I don't like the colour scheme

-Wost: Matau, I don't like the mask

-Best:Powaki and Fikou (they are so gosh darn cute)
-Worst: Manas Crabs, they eat batteries.


Toa Nuva:
-Best: Since he uses Nuva armor, I have to say Takanuva
-Worst: Honestly, I really don't like any of the Toa Nuva's Masks, but I have to say I dislike Kopaka Nuva's the most.

Bohrok Va:
Best: Kohrok Va
Worst: Gahlok Va, I don't really have a reason, I just don't really like this one.

Best: Pahrok
Worst: Kohrok, I don't think saws were a good design choice for an ice shield.

-Best: Boxor
-Worst: Cahdok and Gahdok, the bottom teeth (onua claw) can be destroyed by using the action feature correctly. See the RolloutReviews video. ( )


Bohrok Kal
-Best: Absolutely none of them, they are all really bad copies of the original Bohrok
-Worst: all of them, see above

-Best: Panrahk
-Worst: I honestly can't pick one to like the least, I love the Rahkshi sets.

-Best: Matoro (notice a pattern?)
-Worst: Kopeke, I really don't like the mask.

-Best: Takutanuva (United States version)
-Worst: Jaller and Gukko, Gukko doesn't really remind me of a bird.


Toa Metru:
-Best: Onewa
-Worst: Vakama, I really don't think a disk launcher compares to the other Toa tools

-Best: Nuhrii
-Worst: Ehrye, again, I hate that mask.

-Best: I realy don't like any, they are spindly and, mouth launchers? Seriously?
-Worst: see above

-Best- Ultimate Dume (the one with the exclusive mask)
-Worst- Lhikan and Kikanalo, I really don't think that Kikanalo should have been included.


-Best: IruinI
-Worst: Gaaki, I don't like the blue used

-Best:None, there is really no wak I could like these.
-Worst: All, see above

-Best: Suukorak
-Worst: Boggarak, same reason as Gaaki

-Best: yeah, yeah, they aren't titans but the special edition Toa Haga
-Worst: Keetongu, introduced my least favorite bionicle colour, Keet-orange

Playsets: I have no idea, I was never interested in them.


Voya Nui Resistance Team:
-Best: Velika and Piruk
-Worst: Dalu and Garan, I really don't like those masks.

-Best: Thok
-Worst: Avak, I really don't like that Piraka tool

-Best: Jaller
-Worst: Hewkii, that gray, too much gray.

-Best: Vezon and Kardas
-Worst: Axonn, I don't like the mask, and Axonn has to much of a gorilla vibe in my opinion.

Playsets: see 2005 playsets.


-Best: Defilak
-Worst: Tholox, I really dislike the color scheme

-Best: Mantax
-Worst: Pridak, the Barraki jaws really don't go with the mask,

-Best: Hahli
-Worst: Hewkii, by far, a terrible color scheme.

-Best: Hydraxon
-Worst: Gadunka, this set is really odd, like two feet and a head.

Playsets: See 2005 playsets.

-Best: this is not a joke Solek
-Worst: Photok, I don't like orange sets.

Toa Phantoka:
-Best: Kopaka
-Worst: Pohatu, I dislike the proportions, this Pohatu is to proportionate compared to the Mata and Nuva.

Makuta Phantoka:
-Best: Chirox
-Worst: Vamprah, I don't like the colour scheme.

Toa Mistika:
-Best: Tahu
-Worst: Gali, the waffle eye, enough said..

Makuta Mistika:
-Best: Krika
-Worst Gorast, Av-Toran limbs.

-Best: Ignika
-Worst: Takanuva, I really don't like the new design for Takanuva (yes I know about the shadow leech thing)


-Best: Atakus and Tarduk
-Worst: Berix, I don't feel Tahu's fire sword looks like water, and that is what the design should be.

-Best: Skrall and Vorox
-Worst: Strakk and Malum, I really dislike their proportions.

Glatorian Legends
-Best: Mata Nui and Vastus
-Worst: Ackar, the most generic Inika build since the Inika

-Best: Ferro and Skirmix
-Worst: Cendox V1, I really don't like the design for this set, in pretty much every aspect of the design.

2010 aka The Stars

-Best: Tahu (with the Golden armor on)
-Worst: Skrall, open ball joints and sockets, and it uses Av-Toran parts.

Promotional Sets
I know that promo sets is going to stir up some controversy, so I will explain every pick.
-Best: I really like the orange Fikou (again, Fikou is so cute) and Good Guy & Good Guy 2008 (purely because of Reviving Bionicle)
-Worst: Bad Guy, in my opinion, one of the ugliest sets.

So, this leaves me with one final challenge: picking my favorite Bionicle set. I have to say that it is impossible for me, so I am going to say that the mocs that people make are my favorite parts of Bionicle. Feel free to post your own lists below.


He's not a 2002 set, tho.

I think the color schemes are way better, personally.

I don't think combiners count.



Doesn't count I don't think.

Oh, so you mean like, the entire wave?


I actually agree with you. People (cough cough Meso Eljay and the people who bandwagoned on that opnion) complain about the bland color scheme which supposedly makes it worse than the other Avtoran but they don't complain about Kopaka Mata, Nuva, or Nuju.



I agree with most of this. Except 08. Solek? Really? :pensive::joy:

I'm seriously trying to not be triggered right now.
The fact most of these opinions are based on color really triggers me except for with the clone sets (Rahaga, Piraka (to some extent), etc.)

Most of this I do agree with, though.

It's not really just a "combiner" like the Kaita, though. It's sold in a single box with its own box art, part count and set number, just like any other set.

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That and it is listed on the Bionicle sets list. I used that list to double check what I put

I really had to put a set for the "Best" category, because I really dislike the Toa Nuva, I'm going to post a Kopaka moc some time in the future that shows what I think the nuva should have looked like. Takanuva is the only time I broke from the format of set by year though.

Also, about making decisions based on color scheme, I judged the sets for very nitpicky reasons.

Example, I love the Takanuva, Tahu, and Rahkshi stars because of the small, compact Av-Toran design, but I don't like Piraka, Skrall, and Gresh because of their compact designs.

BTW: I don't expect you to post full lists, but could you all at least post your top 5 Bionicle sets. Please, no trolling. Don't spam Solek or Good Guy unless you actually like Solek or Good Guy

So you like kopaka's the most?

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LOL, caught me in a double negative there.I'll fixt that. But the reason I dislike the Nuva masks is they look too large and too organic next to the Mata's

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your opinion is wrong