The Bionic Beasts MOC

Well guys it’s here. In celebration of achieving Protector status, I have created TWO NEW MOCS for this team of villains.

Insert explosion background here

Link to Lobo the Wolf King:

Lobo is the leader of the trio, a king who lost his respect from his followers, having his lower legs being replaced from losing to a battle. Now he’s making a team to have revenge on his arch nemesis (That I haven’t completed as of when this was posted)

Link to The Night Wolf:

With that out of the way let’s get into the first MOC: Buzz Kill, the bounty hunter.

(FUN FACT: Buzz Kill was inspired by a Nintendo 64 game, Buck Bumble. You may have heard of the intro theme song: )

After a major catastrophe from a mission, Buzz Kill needed a replacement for his leg, stinger, wings, and his four hands were fused to two with his weapons as well.

Reason why that piece was removed from The Night Wolf.

Next up we have Crow Bar (Get it? :stuck_out_tongue: )

With Crow Bar, he’s the brains of the bunch, creating his own body, helping out with Buzz Kill, and creating The Night Wolf, but was born with no wings and lower arm (explaining the stubs on the back).

Bionic arm used for cutting and grabbing large objects.

Thank you if you checked out all of the MOC’s. Also, please, give me your personal pros and cons on the MOC’s. Thank you again, and have a safe night.


I really do like these mocs. They all look fairly solid.
Okay bye



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Buzz’s wings seem a bit too small. Do those even help him fly? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the most forced acronym I’ve ever heard.

That’s a close second.

Anyway, these are amazing. I love Crow’s blade arm.

I assume they’re like Yellow Jacket’s mechanical wings in Ant-Man.


There pretty awesome, you receive a Lobster branded Turtle for this :turtle:, good job…

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Plural’s Quick Review:
B.U.Z.Z. Killer

  • Color scheme is OK
  • Back filled out well
  • The robotic Leg Aesthetic works really well
  • Fore-arms are a bit cluttered

I would give this MOC an overall rating of an 8/10.

Great Job! :smiley:


  • Color Scheme looks consistent
  • Like the weapon arm
  • Thighs are meh
  • Don’t like the normal arm

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 7/10.

Good Job! :grinning:

Also, Congrats on your newfound Protector Trust Level, now you could be like us. :relieved:


Four! Raphael always doles the first punch!

Wait, wrong fandom :stuck_out_tongue:

These are all pretty excellent MOCs, but my favorite has to bee BUZZ Killer. I just like weird things :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hate puns.


I love them! They look kinda like TMNT villians which makes em even better! I would give buzz kill a 7/10 cause he kinda looks exactly like waspix but with different armou and 2 less arms. As for crowB.A.R I’d say 8/10 cause he is really good! But like Buzz he looks like Razar from chima, but they are booth still awesome! So over all 15/20! Good job @8BitArt! keep up the good work!!!


Pretty decent man!

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Like @PekekoaOfJungle said, the wings were inspired by Yellow Jacket’s wings. Love that movie BTW.


Thanks for the criticism! After I post this, I’ll change some thing around with the fore-arm and those thighs. And thank you!

That’s where I got most of my inspiration for these guys.


Ya, after thinking about it, I’m going to change the names. For now on, they are Buzz Kill and Crow Bar, unless anyone has a better name for Crow Bar. Leave some suggestions?


I think it’s fine, as long as they aren’t silly acronyms. :smile:


I don’t know you set the BAR pretty high! hahahahahahha! But I like the name Dark Wing cause when there is trouble you gotta call DW Dark wing crow! lol

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