The Bionicle G3 Official Story Bible

Or if he used his element with the weapon, he could just strike the ground and cause a pillar of earth to shoot up beneath the enemy, sending them flying.

So could go the Power Rangers route, where swords and guns make contact, but just let off sparks instead of an actual wound?

  • Tahu’s slash leaves a line of fire on the enemy, and they’re hurt by that.
  • Kopaka’s stab of the spear makes ice bloom from the spot.
  • Gali’s hook slash knocks them back from the force of water coming out.
  • Lewa’s axes just send them flying from a gust.
  • Onua could just always be seen striking the ground like I said above.
  • Pohatu could also strike the ground, or hit rocks with his staff like the second version of kohlii.

Makes sense, but honestly, just leave him/her gender less in your pitch. I think the TTV cast really focuses on each other’s ideas more than pitches, unless their comedy like good guy. It is their project.

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Hum, gonna have to read this when I have the opportunity

a suggestion i can give so you guys don’t have as many future complaints of grammatical errors, is a spell check program called Grammarly: Link

Also, i personally don’t like the current way that the Lightning Matorans are being shown, which has not changed much since you all discussed them originally. To me, the Lightning Matorans should for one thing not be an actual tribe of Matorans that can manipulate lightning naturally like with the other six elements, and also that they are not even a seventh tribe, but a group of scientist matorans who, after harnessing lightning, created the seventh “village” (or City as one could call it). This City would then be where the masks of powers were developed and forged, thus tying the city to why there can exist masks with none elemental powers.

Now the other thing is that i feel the city should be on the island of Artakha and also become like a lost city, like Atlantis or El Dorado. A place of technological wonder which’s secrets still can be found around the island to this day, plus you could then have structures like these ones that were planned for G2, placed around the island:

It would be a nice way to possibly seed the idea of the Seventh city without bringing them up by name or their element in year 1, like one character (ither one of the Toa or some minor matoran) asks out loud what the deal is with these odd structures, and he ither gets an answer that does not make things clear, or they themself don’t know.

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Something like this?


Kinda. However, masks was not the only thing that was manufactured in the seventh city. Im imagening the place being like Metru Nui in a way, only smaller in size.



There are entire chunks missing. This isn’t even in a first draft stage. No, we haven’t proofread it yet. This document is a word vomit of ideas, not a professional document.

…who exactly would that have benefited?


Nice to know there are chunks not even in, I was getting worried why Kharzahni was not even mentioned on the actual timeline. I know he is not first 3 years things, but he is cannon, and this is a story bible not a series script. It is used to keep things consistent.

@Jon or @IllustriousVar Oh no! I just read that Naho has never been seen under a male ruler! That was a key part in the last chapter of my “History if Artakha” pitches! However, my story has a war that has all six nation “rebirth” into a single nation, so Naho in that is different than current Naho. In my chapter, I would have a priestess alongside the King. There would be a mention of how hard it was for the King to come to power in a matriarichal society. So, with all of this, am I allowed to use a male ruler? I can always change it, but that would make the war Kings versus Queens.

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I was reading the Meta Rules, and I think that if someone should die then it should be Iruini. He is the villain who is closest to the one of the heroes, and it could be a cool character moment for Lewa. In fact, Lewa could be the one who kills Iruini, although indirectly, and she has to get over the grief of losing her old friend while knowing it is her fault.

I woud actually say the opposite. I think you could do some interesting plots if you were to keep him alive. I just would say that the sickness is slowly killing Iruini, him being the youngest and weakest Rahkshi, and so Lewa wants to save him, hoping he may turn back. What would make this even more interesting is if Makuta has the cure, and tried to bargain. If not that, perhaps after the Toa defeat the Rahkshi, they place them in prison. They could interrogate Iruini, and he could be their way inside Makuta’s plots. Just some ideas, but I really feel that if you want the plot point of a Toa killing a Rahkshi, it should be a character with less importance to the Toa.

Alright, one major issue I have with G3 as a whole, is the change to the earth region. Some of the other changes make sense, like having the air region be in a mountain setting than in a jungle, and the region of ice being in a tundra rather than the mountains. But one thing I can’t accept, is the extremely drastic change with earth, changing it from a cave and underground setting, to a dense forest setting. have very strong characteristics. Generally, characters associated with the element of earth in any piece of fiction, have very strong characteristics. A powerful people who are perfectly content with keeping to their own. Having an earth based people set in an underground cave/mining system is perfect for this. But having the earth setting being dense forest with some shallow and generally surface level burrows, doesn’t fit this at all. This puts what are supposed to be the hearty earth people closer to an element of green or nature, which should never happen with an element like this.

I honestly haven’t read the bulk of the document, so I’m sure I’ll find more to complain about. Many of the changes just seem unnecessary and over complicate things. The countless name changes for example, are pretty ridiculous, and unnecessary. Now this isn’t to say that I hate all of G3. Changing Lewa to a girl for example, is an amazing and creative idea. Or the entire concept of turning Bionicle to a system theme. A little controversial at first, but it still keeps all of the staple points of Bionicle, like elemental heroes and masks. Its just that for the most part, I feel the bad and unnecessary changes, heavily outweigh the good changes. As a whole, Brickonicle feels more complicated and harder to get into and understand, than the original Bionicle, which is really saying something!

A reboot is supposed to make changes from the original, but a good reboot makes sure not to stray too far from the source material. The only thing that G3 seems to have in common with G1, is the general island setting, and a handful of names. G2 had more in common with G1 than G3 does. And I’d really like to emphasis, that I’m not saying G3 has to be exactly like G1. Reboots are supposed to make changes, but G3, simply goes too far, and is nearly unrecognizable from the original Bionicle.

In fact, if you where to change just a few character names, and maybe a handful of designs, it would no longer be Bionicle. Honestly, if you’re going to change this much, why keep it as Bionicle? Why not just start your own brand new story? At this point, there’s no point in keeping the names and vaguely similar face designs, when nothing else is the same. Its connecting the names of characters to something they honestly don’t belong in. In fact, I would much rather prefer to see TTV create their own original story, rather than having this connected to Bionicle, when all they’re really keeping is a few character names.

I really do want to emphasize. I’m not saying Brickonicle is bad. I’m saying that it isn’t Bionicle, and shouldn’t try to be connected to Bionicle, and I mean this in the best way possible.


Is not this.

And it should stop trying to be. I would love to see Brickonicle be its own thing, instead of having it desperately try to hold onto a few flimsy connections to the original series.


This Story-Bible will help me a lot building my Set-Concepts

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I think someone should make a list of similarities and differences. Then place weight on each aspect to quantify how close Brickonicle is to Bionicle.
Then, I am sorry, what? Your entire comment on the Onu-koro region makes no logical sense. Maybe it was an argument based on how you feel about the region, but I barely got any strong point. It just read, at least to me, Onu-koro cannot be populated by powerful people content on keeping to themselves, because it is now a dense forest and not a Cave system? Elves, maybe you have heard of them? A powerful group of people that are content on keeping to themselves in the middle of a dense forest? I get you were thinking of dwarves or maybe not. If this is not what you had in mind, then you misrepresented yourself. However, by your words, elves fit your description, and they are associated with forest in popular culture. In fact, grab Tolkien elves and you have dense forests.

On the over complicated timeline and story. Not sure cannot comment here, I cannot objectively judge this as I have experience on understanding over complicated timelines when people are confused AF. However I can tell you one thing. The actual thing we are going to see is much less than what has been mentioned and in the proper order.

Give more examples otherwise people will not understand what you are referring to given the ability of humans to filter information they consider irrelevant.

Alright, I could have worded this better. Esentially, I compare a race tied to the element of earth, to the likes Dwarves. Dwarves don’t live in the forest. They live underground. I do not connect the setting of a dense forest, to the element of earth.

I’m confused. So G3 is going to be less than what all is in the story bible? Is that what you’re saying?

I’ve given all the examples I can, as I haven’t read much of the G3 story. I’ve given all that I know. The reason I’ve read so little, is because of how over complicated and hard to understand.

Not from what i understand. but as the cast have said, this is not the final draft for the Story bible. this is a collection of the different ideas they have discussed and worked on. That means that the story bible will most likely be changed later down the line.

now what odnanref might have tried to tell you, is that story wise, all of the info in the story bible would not have been dropped on people in the first few second. everything would be naturally told, and you would be able to learn more of this world as the story continued. It’s like how nither Ninjago, Chima or Nexo Knight told you everything about the world that the story took place in, and instead told you a little more about it as the show whent on.

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Fair enough.

Fair, just keep in mind that dwarves are not the only things associated with earth. I have to say though, the way they worked this around was making Jungle element and actual Air element and moving part of jungle into Earth to separate it from stone. Honestly, I like this change as I found the jungle element confusing. Before I went into all the lore, I always thought it was air. Either way, you can think of it as Mother Earth, Gaia element wise. Then the plant theme makes more sense.

When you make a story bible, it is meant to be used as a way of keeping consistency. You may write that Ramangas eat their young like spiders, but never actually address it in the story, sets, or lore. At most, if someone proposes the idea of a set of a Ramanga and their young, you can say it is not possible as the newborns flee, or get eaten. So a set of that would either be too gruesome or not worth it. Terrible example, but the idea remains the same. Similar to Kahrzahni. He is not really going to appear in the story, but in the bible he is there to keep consistency. Better example is the snipped in the story bible about Naho leaders. None are male, I do not think that is relevant enough to be mentioned or addressed at all in the general story. The story is about the six Toa and what happens to them. The story bible is to flesh the entire world. Like Tolkien’s Silmarillion the information in the story bible is incomplete, unrelated to the main story (The hobbit and the lord of the rings) however it plays an important role in defining culture and how each people relate to each other. “The Children of Húrin” and “Beren and Lúthien” are two stories written based on knowledge learned from “The Silmarillion”. Hence why I see “The Silmarillion” as a story Bible of sorts.

The examples you have given are general or not relevant to the main point of some key arguments. Other than the confusion on dwarves, I do not see much else.

Your main problem is that it is over complicated for which I cannot judge objectively.


And barely connected to Bionicle itself.

Let me rephrase that

Like I said, I need concrete examples, unfortunately, else I become a mess and end up arguing nonsense. If it takes too much time, I cannot help but say we are going to have to agree to disagree.