The Bionicle G3 Official Story Bible

##The Official Bionicle G3 Story Bible

We’ve gone several weeks with this released to our Patreon chat, and we thought it was time to fully release this to the public. This is not finished and is still currently in development as the story progresses. There are some unfinished sections that we will be updating as it comes along, but this should give you some insight into the universe we’re building.

For those of you who get started listening in, this should be kinda enough to bring you up to speed? If not, I’m hoping to assemble some quick guide here soon enough and probably put it right under the Introduction in the Story Bible.

As always, please feel free to ask questions or add comments here below. We’ll address them either in a post or on the podcast.


Awesome! This story bible definitely clears up a lot of stuff for me, and it looks very professional, albeit unfinished. The artwork is phenomenal, and the backstories and history are great!

One thing I did wonder, however: how was it that you guys came to the decision to disallow characters from striking each other with weapons? I’m not advocating for it to be changed, but I don’t necessarily believe that it would be a violation of LEGO’s violence policy, provided there’s no blood or gore. After all, characters got hit by things all the time in the various BIONICLE media–like that time Tahu socked LoSS right in the face. So long as a weapon doesn’t do any real damage, I can’t see why Onua shouldn’t send someone flying with his hammer…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Definitely gonna use this when I get time to

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Read through it just a bit ago. It was very helpful and gave a great insight into your fan project. It only had a couple typos, other than that it was rock solid.

Perfect! I haven’t been watching the G3 videos for the past few… ok for at least… you know what I’ll just read the story bible instead.


^ that’s just comedy people

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Alright! Thanks for this! This is really helpful for people like me who don’t have time to listen to the podcast.

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Man, it still doesn’t say what gender Guurahk is…


Does it have to?

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It’s the biggest controversy since Lewa went for a genderswitch.

I honestly don’t care what that Rahkshi’s gender is. Why is it a big deal?

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I have to give this story bible some massive praise. There isn’t a single thing here that I don’t like.

@Jon and the rest of the TTV cast, this is phenomenal work! I’m particularly fond of how well you’ve managed to make this world feel real, and in a way that isn’t extremely complicated like G1. Alongside that, you’ve melded a lot of the great aspects of both generations into a coherent world! You all deserve tremendous praise, because working on this is no small feat.

Just some random bits I wanted to express:

I love how every region of Arthaka has a different form of society. The Mangai is brutish and gladiatorial like the Romans, Naho is like the Amazons of Greek legend, Tiro is the Greeks proper, Ihu is medieval serfdom, Motara is like the Wild West or Mad Max, and Kanae is…well, I can’t draw a clear analog, but their culture is unique in terms of how its economic position affects the population.

I’m hoping to see a lot of the character development of the Toa focusing on how they can find their Unity, despite being of so vastly different societies, and maybe how that affects the relationships between their regions as well.

The way you’ve integrated the lore of G1 while also putting a fresh twist on it is wonderful! Your use of older characters is really exciting to me, especially Jaller and Velika, as well as the Elemental Gods.

Also, this was just a little nitpick inconsistency I’ve noticed, but the story bible clearly mentions that the people of Ihu are logic and reason-focused and disapprove of the religions of other regions, yet their main rivalry is with the people of Managai. I realize this is to parallel the traditional Tahu/Kopaka rivalry as well as the natural opposition between Fire and Ice, but if the Ihuans’(?) disapprove of the beliefs of the other regions, wouldn’t their main rivalry then be with the religion-heavy Naho? Just something I noticed that doesn’t need to be changed, but seems inconsistent anyway when those points are brought up so close together.

All in all, I’m very impressed with everything and very excited for the future! Good work and good luck!


After reading this, I’ve come to a conclusion:

¿Qué es una coma?


may I ask, have you sent this to a proofreader? the lack of commas and proper punctuation is rather concerning, considering this is supposed to be a professional document.


That’s a good point. Blunt weapons like Onua’s are different from sharp, precision weapons like Tahu’s sword. That being said, we would aim for the Toa to channel their elemental powers through their weapons, and use the weapons for direct conflicts against other adversaries with weapons.

Ihuan culture itself is logic and reason-focused. That’s what the culture values. However, their rivalry is with Mangaia for geographical and economic reasons. The Nahoans are very isolated, and there is no need for Ihu to compete with their primary exports.

No, Story Bibles aren’t supposed to be read by anyone other than the team working on it, so we didn’t bother sending it to a proofreader or anything like that. There’s probably a few flaws in it, but nothing that crazy.


wait then wouldn’t it have been a better idea to summarize the discussions than release the entire bible if it’s usually not supposed to be publicly read


*clicks link * other of god.

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as Joe said, then why not just summarize it? it would be faster, and would save y’all from grammatical criticisms.

like, seriously, why didn’t you do that?

I should have been a little clearer: in any actual project, the Story Bible is not to be read by the usual audience. If this was a show, people would never see it.

However, this is a show about creating a show. You guys get to see what the “story team” would go through, as we go through things the story team would go through.

The Story Bible is already the summary of our podcast discussions. The grammar “criticisms” aren’t our biggest concern with it right now. It’s still unfinished, but people did want a place to get everything we’ve discussed on the podcast, and we started writing it all down to keep everything straight.


It matters in the since that if I wanted to include Guyrahk in a pitch, I would want to make it as canon as possible. And also I love to know the smallest details of things

That’s fair. Plus, I suppose weapons clashing could still have the same effect as a direct strike. After all, if Onua strikes a random Matoran’s sword in battle with his hammer, pure physics means he’ll probably go flying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I like the balance you’re trying to strike between powers and weapons. I always felt that the G1 and G2 media were a little lacking in one of those two areas, either having too little melee action or not enough use of the elements.