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So, given how I cannot edit the Story Bible document itself, I have made a thread on what is considered cannon for the Story.

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This post will be divided into three parts by chronological order. It might get long so I wish I could post them in different posts to make linking easier but rules are rules.

Historic Stories: Stories about what happened before the G3 story line. Myths, eras and so on.
Current Stories: Stories of what is going to happen in the current G3 six season (three years).
Future Stories: Stories of what might happen after the initial three years. I do hope there are next to few here, because I might not find all of them.

Anything with a link is something I found outside the Story Bible.

Hisotric Stories

Not sure where to put this:

Legend on Founders of Mangai

The Parliament of Gods

The Hand of Arthaka

By @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister
The Storyteller
The Exaggerator
The Overseer
The Distressed
The Tyrant
The General

Legend of the First Toa

The Time Before Time

In the beginning, the Great Beings descended and created the island, the wildlife and all that lived on it. While they created all of this in unity, Ekimu felt convicted to push the limits of what they could accomplish. He created sentient life, at the behest of his brother, Makuta. Makuta was furious at his brother for cursing the island with life, and they made a pact to not destroy the life he had created, but also not to create any more. The brothers appointed six Elemental Lords as spiritual avatars to guide and protect the Matoran, then left to focus on other matters.

A new race of Matoran bearing the element of Lightning appeared on the island. Believing this to be a betrayal by his brother, Makuta sought to rid Ekimu of his power. The two brothers clashed, devastating the world they had created.

The Elemental Lords felt that the Great Beings were too dangerous for the world they had created. Because of this, they each chose one avatar out of their respective tribes to serve as the Toa, wielders of their ultimate power that were chosen as worthy inheritors and guardians of their fellow Matoran brethren.

The Toa sealed away the Great Beings and set a new era of peace among the Matoran. When their time came, the Elemental Lords made a pact with each other to deny one person a tribe each new generation the right to their elemental abilities, so that they could be gifted the power of the Toa if ever such a need arose. The Lightning Tribe was shunned by the other inhabitants of the island, and they left, exiled to isolation.

The Toa were called upon several times again in the millennia to come. One Toa team in particular was summoned to solve an inner conflict with the Matoran that was currently going on involving their Masks of Power. The overuse of them over time had corrupted several Matoran, eroding their bodies and casting a shadow on them and the natural life around them. Because of this, the Toa took the ultimate drastic measure and took the masks and the knowledge of how to make them away from all of the Matoran. They locked them away in huge vaults below the villages, to never to be used by the Matoran again.

This last appearance of the Toa brought forth many battles between them and numerous adversaries. In the ensuing battles, many records and artifacts related to the Toa were destroyed, some out of protest, some to prevent the further creation of powered masks and others as just unfortunate calamities. Many of the Matoran populace resented the Toa for taking the masks from them, and refused to acknowledge them in legend or song.

Several generations after the Toa had been laid to rest, the Archive Maximus was formed, which kept records of life in the villages from that point onwards. This Archive would have little to no records of the Toa’s existence, save for several myths and legends that were still passed down in fringe villages.

Old Legend by @ZceeNook

Unity Era (Pitch)
Legend of Vakama
Unity Era Powers

Kanohi Era

The time when masks of powers where common.

The Unsummoned Era

After the last summoning of the Toa, the Elemental Lords felt that peace had been properly restored, and the balance had been met. They left the villagers to multiply and fill the island, content that their job had been done. Millennia passed, and history became legend, which became myth.

Formerly a traditional monarchy, the region of Mangai is split as the king dies and his five sons clamber for the throne. A treaty is made as the region is divided into five city states. Since then, a government reform across all of the territories saw the states elect officials to represent them on a unified council.

The prince of Ihu is set to marry into one of the richest houses of the Village of the Tundra, but instead elopes with his true love, a commoner. The house, spurned by this rejection, does not forget this, and plots to take their rightful place back.

Current Story

Not sure where to place these
Vizuna and Iruini (Semi-cannon) From what I remember.
Apotheosis (Pitch)
Eidolon (Pitch)
The Precipice (Pitch)
Bereavement (Pitch)
Ambition (Pitch)
Pride (Pitch)
Kopaka and Tahu: Start of the Civil War (Pitch)
Reaveal of Gali’s Lack of Powers (Pitch)
Summoning Fire
The Tale of the Toa of Flames
Sibling Rivalry
Turahk and Lewa (Pitch)
Order of Mata Nui

The Rise of the Brotherhood

The Legend of the Old Age had long been considered a myth, but there were still scholars and believers that kept hope. The Mangaian Admiral Norik soon began to foster a secret train of thought: one that proposed that it was Makuta who was ultimately betrayed, that Ekimu had wrought a curse upon the island’s inhabitants and that only he could seek to undo it. While Norik was not the first to inspire this train of thinking, he took the teachings and cultivated it into a great following. He began a secret cult called the Brotherhood of Makuta, and it was under his leadership that the cult grew into an underground movement within the unhappy inhabitants of the island.

King Matoro ascends the throne of Ihu after the untimely death of his father. Relationships with Mangai had drastically soured preceding his reign, but Matoro is a believer in peace above war, unlike the aggressive tendencies of his predecessor. This is viewed favorably by some of the populace, but other patriotic citizens view this as cowardice and a sign of a declining royal lineage.

As part of an abroad study, Bingzak goes to Tiro and spends time with a group of fellow scholars, one of which is Korgot. A believer in the old faith, Bingzak soon comes to realize that Korgot is in fact one of the six born every generation without an affinity for an element, just as a few old legends foretold there would be.

Narmoto, a Mangaian general, leads an unadvised attack against a Firespitter, which drives the creature into the mountains of Ihu.


Legend of the Cult (Cult of Teridax, later evolved into the brotherhood)

Birth of the Rahkshi
Becoming Rahkshi (Pitch)

The Great Cataclysm

The Mask of Time
Inside the Mask of Time (Cannon) Seemed apropriate
The Epochal Fragment (Animation, Semi-Cannon)

Unlocking the Masks of Power

Mask Concepts by @ZceeNook

The Civil War
Civil War Plot Discussion Thread

At the height of the ill relations between the Kingdom of Ihu and Mangai, the future was looking exceedingly grim for the inhabitants of Artakha. For centuries, the extremely violent and volatile nature of the Mangaians helped form a deep rooted prejudice amongst the Ihuian people. Despite mostly peaceful gatherings between The Council, the leaders of Mangai and Ihu always seemed to be at odds with one another and these bad relations created a strong sense of tension between the Council members that grew stronger with each passing cycle. While the Turaga of Tiro did his best to quell any bad blood between the regions, which each passing day the it became clearer that war would be inevitable.

Narmoto was, at the time, an extremely popular figure amongst the Mangaians. As a champion fighter in the Takotan ring, he proved himself to be extremely capable in combat, defeating even the great Jaller of Takoro in a one on one duel. All of Mangai rejoiced when he was elected into the senate by the Takotans. His exceptional skill, determination, and above all else his bravado followed him into his time as General. With the 5 Generals of Mangai he served his people with a level of willingness and devotion that none before him had ever possessed, and it was this quality that perhaps contributed to his victory when the region of Mangai was threatened by the Vako. The Vako were reptilian creatures that dwelled deep in the caverns of the great volcano, aggressive in nature but mostly harmless so long as no one got too close. It became apparent, however, that the number had grown exponentially and the volcano was no longer enough to sustain their increased populace. When the Vako began invading the territories of Mangai it became clear that the region would be forced to fight back, lest their surrender their homes to the rahi. The five generals, with the Turaga leading them, prepared their armies and held off the Vako swarms while the people of Mangai formed the outer wall. The wall of Mangai is said the be the most impenetrable line of defense in all of Artakha, built to sustain the constant barrage of Vako attacks. Despite their best efforts, the Vako continued to attack the perimeter of Mangai, and it seemed that the attacks would prove to be a new addition to the daily lives of the Mangain people. Despite years of service, Narmoto continued to govern his people, establish stronger defense, build new homes, and lead his battalion into battle when the time came. His achievements could not be ignored, and as a natural leader nearly everyone believed that one day Narmoto would be elected as Turaga of Mangai.

Tiro Marches to War (Pitch)

The Seventh Toa
Abrogation (Pitch) Seems like it should be in this part even if it happened way before.
Introducing Voriki

The Ending Scene (Pitch)

Future Stories

The Grat Siege of Artakha and the Final Battle (Pitch)

Those where all I could find. Maybe I missed some, or several. Sorry some of them are not in proper order nor grouped together.


Civil war ideas and concept:
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