The Bionicle trading cards

Does anyone else remember these? They came in decks, and there were about three versions.


Think I remember seeing a review of them once did they come with masks?

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I know about them, but I never had any of them.

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yup. They were used as "mask markers".
I just used them for moccing.

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Dangit! First I missed out on mask packs now this. WHY DID EVERY THING COOL HAVE TO COME OUT BEFORE I WAS INTO BIONICLE.



-me every day
(and I was around for this stuff too D:)

I've gotten a few cards from various sources. They're...interesting...


I found the nuva versions on amazon for 4 dollars. I cant decide if i should get them or not.

If they come with good/rare masks do it. If not I don't know...

every deck comes with two randomly color'd nuva masks.
And i would get three decks with the purchase, meaning six masks.

Well if it's random DEFFINANTLY GET IT! Btw I really like blind bags stuck_out_tongue

I've got a good amount of the '01 deck, as well as the entire McDonald's deck.

I've got some of those, though not an entire deck stuck_out_tongue

Does anyone know if there's any real gameplay difference between the '01, bohrok, and nuva versions of the game?

I've seen them, and I want them...

You mean this?


Yup. thats it.

I think it would be cool if someone made an online version of it


Oh yeah I saw them on ebay one fine day but I thought they were fake so I passed up the deal. That would be epic if they brought them back.

Move aside Pokemon!


I remember having a holographic Onua Mata card once... I haven't seen it since '02 or so, though, and have given up on ever finding it again.

I have all three of those! I even invented my own game with them once.