The Birdie (Spacecraft)

Boo yah. Giant lego spaceship.

I lowkey am in love with this MOC even though I hate most of my Mocs.

I made this for a lego convention I’m going to next week, I’m gonna do my best to try to do brickfair VA but I’m not sure if I can or not.

It’s pretty simple but Effective. I’m digging through my parts for more Grey Slopes and I’ll do an update when I add them on.

Also ill explain the name.

  1. The Birdie sounds pretty cool
  2. The ship is shaped like a Birdie.
  3. This is only here so there’s 3 reasons.

I’m not sure… Do you like grey slope pieces?

Either way, I think this is simple but looks really nice and sleek, and you did a wonderful job of reducing the amount of viable studs so kudos for that.