The Blender (Part of the Refrigerator Lineage)

The 3rd appliance, The Blender is ready to puree you with it’s gear function in the blades, and an opening lid to smack your face. Victory never tasted so good. (And it never existed as a smoothie either.)

Leave what you want the next appliance to be in the comments!
( There are three main elements I have not covered: Water, Earth, and Stone.)
(Also, the next sets are classified, you will not know what they will be. But feel free to say what you want next, and I will consider it.)


This one is probably the weakest so far. Still creative, but could use some work.

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I thought we were going to have a Washing Machine next
Why a Blender

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So this is what Karzhani used to create the Voyatoran :o

A bit weak of a build, but it’s nice you added a gear function. Now to turn my toa Onewa into Velika.


Make a TV. Everyone needs a TV /s

Or a Fan

has anyone know about the hot dog toaster?

also make a toaster


Why not a lawnmower?

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Or a Washing Machine

for Rotom

haha nice blender you got there. i want a TV next though xD

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So it’s not a 3D-animation software…

I wanted a sock, or sock dryer, maybe a measuring tape?

I like it but the middle bit is a really weak part, if you use two of the big glass half cylinders it would look so much better.