The Blu MOC Updated WIP

The MOC is nearly done, if anything it just needs a few different shells, black pins and ball joints and it will be good to go, I might change the legs too but here is what I have so far.

BTW better pics will be uploaded when I finish the MOC right now I still want to fix some stuff

Here is a question for ya:

Does the “draw me like one of your french girls” joke apply to a half french? =S

Side view

Yes, it CAN unite


Pretty cool, but would you mind just taking a regular picture of the entire moc, from the front?

Pretty good! a bit thin and a odd color layout, but has promise.

From what I can see is that it looks a bit gappy in the shoulder area, and really thin. Could use work, but looks good.

Looks really good. I like the jets on the back. The torso is cool too.

Those heels are still . . f a b u l o u s .


“Hot hot leg
Leg so hot
You fry an egg”

Anyway thanks! I don’t plan on changing anything on the heels, maybe the legs but the heels are designer tier


Not too shabby.

Although I think it needs a little more mertu blue.

uh, torso is little

thin to say the least


nice colours!. But its too thin

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Very nice!I like the way the Blues and silver look together.

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As someone who likes decorative fins or wings, you’ve won me over with this one. I especially like the torso, and the blues work well together, here. The only thing I can find is that the torso, as cool as it is, looks a little too thin.
Nice job so far! :smiley:

I don’t know.
But you’re only half.
So I’m gonna say yes. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, what exactly is the goal with her. A uniter/toa? If that’s the case, the silhouette seems a bit, weird. However, if you’re going for a grotesque look, you pulled it off quite well. I like it.

Well, considering that it’s “like” a french girl, then yes. Plus, it would also apply if you were french, but not one of his french girls :sweat_smile:


Not in the slightest.

Btw this is not supposed to be a uniter or anything, just a being I came up with for a Self Moc, just wanted to implement the unity feature in there.


Ah. Maybe you could make the waist a bit wider and add some bulk to the hips. That could give her more of an hourglass figure :slight_smile:

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She’s a bit cluttered and lanky, but it’s a wip, so it’s good.

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To thin i reckon

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Apart from the really thin torso, she looks pretty good

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Looks ok, to say the least. The most important fix would be to tidy up the torso. Like a lot. But, it depends what taste you have. I’m not one for adding a lot of greebles.

Otherwise, this isn’t bad what you have here.

The torso looks a little busy, plus the something about the shoulders looks a little off. But aside from that, looks pretty good.

Arms are shorter than Lewa Uniter’s. Well, maybe not that short, but I do think they’re too short. Torso is a bit busy as well.

Looks good, though. I like it.