The Bluster and The Fool; Storm Beast (Revamp) and KUWARE

Hey! Look who crawled out of his grave and posted a moc! Two to be exact.
So I bought a Storm Beast. In December. And I decided to revamp it.
For those wondering,bluster is a synonym for storm when it’s used as a verb meaning attack,rush.
So here comes the revamp!

(oooo fancy lights)

And now the unrelenting fool,now a hyper master of unrelenting foolery. Ladies,gentlemen and all other configurations of being,give it up for KUWARE!

And to finish us off,the most original shot ever:

Serious talk now,comments and critiques are strongly appreciated!


Change title for “accurate description”. -square

The photos shots are pretty bad, but form what I see;

Storm Beast is decently Bulked up, but the lack of thumb and “scroungy” torso kills it alittle.

KUWARE is a mess (maybe its intentional?) and open in some angles.
I do like the leg design but everything else is juggled around.


I like Kuware, but storm beast looks weird

If you could fix the exposed ball joints, 'twould be much better. As it stands, it feels like a WIP. The fool’s pretty good, though.