The Bohrok Awake TCG Video Demonstration

I found these miraculously preserved on WayBack Machine. They were available as separate videos on the area of the Bionicle site for the McDonalds Mighty Kids Meal promotion this game was distributed in. Enjoy! Link if you want to see/read the long-form rules.

There were video demonstrations of the original Quest for the Masks TCG as well, on the UpperDeck site, but WayBack didn’t save them. Sigh!


I didn’t even know this was a thing.

Yeah, it was a McDonald’s thing and not very popular from the info I’ve been able to scrounge up.

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A lot more rules than even I would like to follow, let alone a kid.

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It was a McDonald’s thing? Why has no one ever heard of this?

The major reason is because it was a McDonalds thing, not a lot of people got it when it was given…I was too young in 2001 to even give a dang.

Pretty notice find, I didn’t think anyone would find something quite like this…

I feel this is like a Bionicle verson of Magic the Gathering.

This game is actually pretty tiny, with only ~30 cards to collect and exclusive distribution at McDonalds. The real deal was this guy, with just over 300 cards to collect and official tournaments running at specific locations in 2001.

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That deck three looks pretty cool…

So it’s like Card-Jitzu with more rules?

What is[quote=“Radiation-7901, post:11, topic:24681”]



Found a pic of people playing it…

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That’s actually Quest for the Masks, the proper trading card game, not the McDonalds promo this video was for.

I do wonder where you found that photo, though! The tournament poster + clipboard at the bottom leave me wondering if this is one of the official tournaments. Because that would be incredible. The 2002 timestamp suggests otherwise, though.

If this was an official tournament, then oh my how the card game has fallen so quickly.

Also the man has the “pls end this” face.