The Bone Dragon Queen

(no back storey or true name but am open to ideas)

sorry about the quality of the picture will re upload when I get a new camera



You miss spelled queen

Its still really cool looking though

I really like how her wings fold over her body. I do feel it would’ve been better if the wings formed more of a dress like thing over body. Rather then just covering her chest.
Also the arms are a bit long and skinny

Overall groovy MOC man

I wanted to have long skinny limbs like bones

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Looks pretty cool! I love how her wings sort of form a cloak around her, like Megatron from Beast Machines.

Given the part choice, I don’t really see this as being skeletal or draconic. It looks to me more like being insectoid, so I’m not really sure what to think. I don’t really recognize it well as the source idea.


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