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Chapter 12 of bor might be worth a re-read

This is based on a whole heck ton of assumptions, so take this with a grain of salt


Is that an ice steering wheel

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Is it just me or does anyone else think that the prime number is 131

Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler

Okay, but what if Cordax has been a cat all along?

So, something like this?

Yeah, the phrase is top tear. Probably one of the very few actually good things to have come out of this ridiculous language that I speak.

Well, that actually makes perfect sense

Wow! The more you know…

Huh strange… I feel like Tott all the time

Oh wow… I’m having an existential crisis now after reading this. Thank you Racie.

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Y’know it’s funny because a certain someone already theorised about Tott being Monopoly’s boss like a thousand years ago and Ghid quite clearly confirmed it in several chapters of BoD, so I don’t know why we’re discussing it now…

I think you actually got some of that wrong.

  1. Tott indeed hired Monopoly, but Zero was most likely Ghid’s subordinate:

Tott became interested in the situation only after Zero had been sent on his mission, meaning that someone else was in charge for Zero’s actions. Probably Ghid, because who else could that be?

  1. Ghid seems to be completely fine with Tott. He even helped him out at least one time:

Makes sense, considering that Ghid must be the one who created Tott (I mean in-story). Remember that wooden mannequin in Ghid’s tower that looked just like Tott?

I think that in the beginning of the story Tott hadn’t been against Ghid and had done everything he could to help him (hiring Monopoly, for example), but ever since he got kidnapped by some people that Ghid wanted to get rid of, got to know them better and watched them suffer from Ghid’s actions, his view on the situation slowly changed. So now Tott, just like every other member of the party, most likely wants to try to take Ghid down.
Well, at least this is my own interpretation of Tott’s character development. I wonder how true it actually is?


so now I understand most of the things that I didn’t before


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I cannot confirm or deny allegations that the number is based and epic

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Yeah, pretty much. The second dark wall interrupts the first and can very much be walked through, but from a distance it might look like just the one dark wall. That’s definitely not foreshadowing whatsoever.

Top tier.

Top tear is what my four eyes excrete when I read Cordax getting stomped into paste

Wow that sounds like a great idea mr. by no means a fan of 2011 LEGO theme Hero Factory focusing on the team of rookie and veteran Hero Factory Heroes led by Preston Stormer, I think I will totally go ahead and sign up for that topic so I can be present in the next Book of _______!

If only there was some kind of visual aid to encourage people to go and partake in this grand adventure written by Ghid and starring several of the members of the TTV Bionicle forum site…

Who, indeed?

I’m keeping this block of text in mind for later.

uhh what I meant to say is, I cannot confirm or deny allegations that what you said is entirely true



I have a theery!


When Lesinchy revived Cordax, Winger, Sonus, and all the others, what if he also revived the chaps who died in book of Ramblings? (i.e. Pakari, Wild, MocingBird) The time of death didn’t seem to have a set cutoff date, so maybe anyone who ever died there is revied!


Yeah I agree. I think that what you said is what actually happened, because after all Racie and Eilrach did get revived and there’s also this:

I’m pretty sure that this is the closet that Bird had been stuffed in and It’s empty now.

And this:

A bunch of people joined the party while they were escaping the factory. Ghid hasn’t specified who exactly, but I’m pretty sure that Pakari, Wild and Bird are among them because they’ve already joined the fourth book and Ghid has to reintroduce their characters somehow


that makes sense

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Ch 28

Chapter 29

Right, so, where did I leave off…

Under the shadow of the colossal foe they rushed forward, swept aside with absolute ease. Crab-like in its movement, the augmented legs smashed about, struggling to find their footing, crumbling at least one house as they pursued after the tiny Cordax. Hurriedly I bolted as well, having no means to handle the creature at the moment, only looking back once - in a fatal moment of-

Killing the mood, aren’t you? ‘what are you talking about?’ ‘this isn’t where we left off?’ Gee, I was really getting to the most eventful part of this whole ordeal and you had to go and ruin it for what, understanding in the moment? Disgusting.

Alright, alright, let’s see… The giant floating nuclear power plant, you remember that, right? Turns out that electric-operated creature living in the depths had been busy crafting and constructing or something, and out from the bottom of the facility landed three figures with their backs fused together - at least, that’s what it greatly resembled. The entity moved very much like a crab, all the legs operating in unison to move the combined monstrosity about with impressive speed. Each figure held a massive sword and looked down from eyes crafted from blue steel, tangled beards molded out of the cobalt metal scraping along the torsos holding them aloft.

He demonstrated his power by meeting the bellowed challenge of Eilrach by turning two of the swords upon him, the long blades crushing rather than slicing his form into a crumpled pile. The onlookers didn’t remain as such for very long, spring into action - some diving into combat and others finding a convenient excuse to see themselves away from the action.

Winger was awkwardly standing about, really unsure what to do - he was clearly capable, but lacked enough direction to do anything except be a target. I bolted up, sending a flying kick into his stomach, watching as he crumpled backwards and clutched his stomach in shock. I them shoved him violently through the door of the nearest building and shut the door; hopefully whoever was living inside could tolerate his presence for a few moments.

And unfortunately I was too slow to keep Renner from being sliced in half by one of the massive swords. He did have it coming, but seeing him die before… I was beginning to feel the slightest bit sorry for him. I should kick him in the face again.

So many people were shouting different orders about, one of them being the murderer Monopoly, who had quickly ascended the monster and was beating one of the large heads in. “Take out the legs, then we can outpace it!”

The deadsperado was pushing back one of the giant blades. “I’m working on it, just take the heads out!” Two more bullets were fired off into the nearest leg, which seemed completely ineffective. The third sword had been stabbed into the dumpster Ghid was rummaging through only to reveal he had been sitting in it the entire time, and now began to climb out and ascend the sword itself. it looked like the man himself was getting involved.

Had I been paying closer attention I likely would’ve noticed the yellow monster with the mechanical arms sliding under one of the rapidly moving legs to take aim at some more exposed internal components, or perhaps Racie about to break into tears from the shock of it all as she hid behind a tiny section of wall from one of the destroyed buildings, but my greatest concern at the moment was ensuring the safety of Cordax.

Ensuring the safety of Cordax, however, took far more effort than I feel was justified.

Kicking a large chunk of debris out of the way, I made a rush for Cordax, who was standing in the middle of the lane all by himself and holding his knife out like he was going to slightly poke the giant murder robot thrashing the assembled party. I dove intohim, catching him by the midsection and trying to roll him to safety, but he kicked me off and slowly returned to his feet. “You could have gotten me killed, Tott! What are you doing?

No, I did not say ‘trying, at least more than you’ or ‘I wanted to make sure I got a front row seat for your demise’, I’m not that tactless. I know he doesn’t exactly remember the one time he was totally murdered by what he considers to be a friend, but I was still trying to be courteous of the recent passing, however revoked it may have been.

I simply replied “I thought you might be lonely, standing out in the open, not doing anything, so I came to give you a hug.” Cordax was clutching his stomach somewhat from the impact, glaring up at me, and I shrugged back at him.

Fire was becoming the primary illumination, as during my escapades in the cider factory a large cloud cover had swept across the sky and blanketed the sun, becoming incredibly dark, as if nature was seizing the opportunity to water the incredibly dry land trapped behind the dark wall. I had no idea when last the soil there had tasted the freshness of rain, but it had not begun to fall just yet.

Even though there was a small moment of stillness during which I shrugged at Cordax again while he looked like he wanted to rip my arm back off, it was swiftly ruined by a terrible bellow from behind my back. There were words spoken, but they seemed to come from inside my head rather than the world around me.

The words went “You challenge the Aura. The one to trust is slated to die. Step aside.” All three of the swords pointed at Ghid, which was impressive considering one of the three figures was aiming his backwards. The closest two slammed into their target, who was now standing still and allowing this to happen. They didn’t even budge him.

How, you ask? Could you please wait until the next chapter for your ridiculous questions, perhaps? Sheesh, don’t you understand the concept of suspense?

Even if you don’t, I thought I made it extremely clear I am not in the habit of sharing personal details about myself, especially with so prying a crowd. You have absolutely no understanding of personal matters, like whether or not my coat is puffy (it isn’t), what color my mask is (cry about it), or how long I’m going to rant about your habits (until the end of time). You have only yourself to blame for this pestering and the consequences are yours to reap.

With that out of the way, let me resume my retelling of these grand adventures. The party took the opportunity of Ghid’s immunity to conventional weaponry to stumble back and refocus, unintentionally barring the way between the monstrous mechanism and myself. The tiny yellow eyes of the massive fiend seemed to interpret this as a measure to protect the most valuable of the entourage, and his words bellowed in my mind once more: “You are keeping him from harm. For me to wound the one to trust, you must be eliminated. I am sorry.

Hurriedly I plucked at Cordax’s coat before the trio of figures could finish his sentence, indicating it was time to make haste in the opposite direction. One of the heads had already been brutally pounded into a paste, Monopoly’s gloved hands still coated with tiny metallic shards. Now that it was obvious the monster intended to harm either myself or Cordax, all the party stood in place, a very poorly coordinated wall, determined to make the fearsome force back down.

Only Ghid was absent from that resisting force, as even the red-eyed creature had abandoned his previous cause and stood ready to assist. The dapper devil had scooted away from the action and was focusing on following my movements, all four eyes gleaming with delight. Nobody seemed to consider his presence or absence; the matter of a gigantic trio of blue men with large stabbing implements attempting to kill the small yellow lad was too pressing to have other distractions taking precedence here.

Letting go of Cordax’s coat, I busied myself with keeping up my own pace as the sound of movement behind me made it clear that the defense by that miserable party of morons had begun. Under the shadow of the colossal foe they rushed forward, swept aside with absolute ease. Crab-like in its movement, the augmented legs smashed about, struggling to find their footing, crumbling at least one house as they pursued after the tiny Cordax. Hurriedly I bolted as well, having no means to handle the creature at the moment, only looking back once - in a fatal moment of concern for Cordax, I may add - and I saw the titanic trio hurl one of the giant swords point-first towards the fleeing figure.

Even though I knew what the end result of the action would be - even though I told myself as I threw my arms out to shove him out of the way that it was all part of the act, to make people believe I cared and genuinely felt their pathetic woes - I confess to real, legitimate concern for the wellbeing of that obnoxious yellow imp. I did genuinely feel pity at having seen him with his brains bashed across the floor in horrific fashion, far more than any emotion I had felt at the apparent passing of the anodize airhead.

Then, of course, I regretted the action somewhat.

I had jumped and shoved Cordax as hard as I could to force him out of the way, landing myself directly in the path of the large blade. It pushed me to the ground and then had the audacity to spear me through the side, embedding deep in the cracked soil it had pressed me against. Cordax pushed his face out of the wall I had shoved it into and turned around, likely ready to give me the verbal beatdown of a lifetime, but instead looked on in flabbergasted horror at the sight of my body pinned to the ground like a very improperly placed beetle on a card. “I’m fine, just Whhoooaaahhh.” I said as my head began to spin. “Just get out of here, I’ll be fine, I just…

My voice was clearly waning, and the world around me was growing grey. My arms grew weak as they gestured for him to run, and my head became harder and harder to hold. I was losing my hold over the wooden body I possessed, my hold on this mortal coil so fondly appreciated by the weak and spineless. I would not be afraid to pass when my day came, but I struggled so long to hold this frame that my clinging to it became quite desperate. “I can’t go yet… Not yet, not…

Embracing the cold of the night was an unpleasant thought, and so I thoroughly wrestled with my unresponsive body as my vision suddenly blurred over. Had it ended? No, I still possessed some grip over my frame. What was it, then, that had smothered it so? I poured every once of my being into forcing my neck upwards and tilted my head enough to see the yellow glow of Cordax’s skull directly to my left.

Now my body refused to react, but believe me when I say I was frozen in place just as thoroughly when I realized Cordax was hugging me. Could it have been the knowledge he was about to lose me that compelled him to such an action? Or was it some guilt for that partially selfless act I had done in preserving his life that motivated him to react in this manner? He mumbled out some words - likely Thank you or I’m sorry or something along those lines - but I was already too far gone. What I did comprehend was a feeling - something I had already described as that invisible hand reaching out during the collapse of Monopoly’s home - it was hope. Though I lacked the physical strength to go on, I knew that some way I would - the day was not yet over and the night was held at bay.

Even though death had released its grip on my body, I felt the hard grip of another hand - unmoving, uncaring, all descriptions applying to Ghid, as strength returned to my eyes and limbs. I gave Cordax a small pat and he must have seen Ghid then because he jumped back in a frenzy, whipping out his knife and holding it underhanded, as if he would jump up and bury it in his throat. My strength recovered, I looked up at Ghid, whoo solemnly removed his hand and then rocketed toward the handle of the blade. It tore from the ground - and from myself, as well - flying through the air and slamming back into the metallic foe, which the party had managed to slow the charge of by lossing off three of its legs. They were looking worse for wear - Monopoly had clearly lost an eye to a large piece of metal shrapnel, the red-eyed hateful thing had lost two of its arms, Jethryn had lost one of his own, Renner had become Diero’s backpack after he lost his lower half, and Diero was practically begging Renner to use wild card and send this thing to the edge of the universe. Renner’s hesitation proved valuable, as the moment the sword returned to its host and completely destroyed the second head, an object fell from the nuclear plant.

Right then all the party members were acting in sync, Ghid and Monopoly rushing to the base of the figure as it caught the object - a ring of uranium surrounded by electromagnets already so hot it was melting the hands that held it - while Renner shouted the words Diero had been begging to hear. The card was thrown, and the minute it was Ghid and Monopoly shoved the figure upwards as violently as could be done, the creature ascending slowly upwards with the uranium still glowing in the stubs of his arms. There was a crackling series of explosions from the cider factory, and it began to plummet, a dark object exiting the front door as it did so. The two objects met just as the blue figure was begging to fall again, and it bellowed out what would be its last words: “You save the one to trust?! Redemption is beyond-

Daylight broke for a moment - then, it erupted into an all-powerful light and heat and force - but only for a thousandth of a second. The maneuver had been completed at the last possible second to stop the explosion. I imagine the sun, were he ever to come back in the form of Jethryn’s better half, might be upset at all the garbage Diero was sending over there.

Silence fell over the area. Nobody even seemed to react to the dark object landing in the street and revealing itself to be Krelikan, back in proper form. Interestingly enough, what drew people’s attention back to reality was the red-eyed monster firing off three shots - two at Ghid, one at Diero - and resuming his intended mission of killing everything on the planet while simultaneously hating everything. Props to the man for sticking to his guns, at least. That’s a joke, because if you may have noticed, he has quite a few guns…

Ch 30


I cannot confirm or deny allegations that yes that’s entirely correct

I cannot confirm or deny allegations that Pakari, Wild, and Bird are…

…among us…


Oh yeah also, the trio of figures’ identity is probably really easy to figure out, but just in case it’s not clear, I hid the truth in code! I also hid the deets about another appearance in code in the chapter as well. Let me know when you find it!


I hate you

Why must you be so smart?

The description of combat has really improved throughout the series keep up the good work



I make all the words count. I number them precisely to retain their meaning to the letter. Those who collect the answer will themselves be mega brained.


I’ve also snuck a

Number of little secrets in the story as a

Game to those who look for

Each of them to

Refine their their big brains even further.


so tott is undead because of the friends he made along the way

Also is Ghid supposed to be an all-powerful being who can create and destroy worlds at his full power, or Winger’s dear old dad who rummages through dumpsters?


The One To Trust. TOTT.


The mystery is solved guys. We did it.