“The Book of Ramblings” fanart

yes, just yes

Edit: I may or may not now be interested in a comic-style version of it now


So I come back from what has generally been a pretty awful day to have my jaw disconnect from my head and shatter into a million pieces, never to return to its resting place

You’re either completely insane and in desperate need of therapy or you’re the greatest person in existence because this is absolutely FANTASTIC. The level of detail on Krelikan and Pakari is honestly stunning, and the dark and moody atmosphere of the piece highlights the existence of Wild all the better.

And Cordax.


Just… Everything about Cordax in this is perfect.

There are a couple areas that aren’t the best including yours truly looking like mads mikkelsen got his face sandwiched by a 1975 maserati bora 4.7 litre and a 1960 taraschi formula junior but this story is way, way, waaay too lame to receive fanart of this quality, and I don’t deserve your incredible efforts here. Thank you so much.


Well you made me want to read the story now. This art is so nice.


The story’s pretty good.
despite the fact that I am not in it



@Rukah @Atobe_Brick @N01InParticular @Winger @Xyatharus @Krelikan Thank you all very much!

@Heyzorks @Festive-Alucus Thank you both! And yeah, you should definitely read the book of ramblings, it’s something special and not like anything you had read before. I’ve heard rumours that the book of logic is even better, so that’s also a must read.

@Pakari Thank you very much! I’m really glad that you like my rendition of your character!

@TheMOCingbird I was actually going to include the closet your character was violently stuffed in (as well as the child-sized coat that was N01InParticular) as Easter eggs in the background, but kind of forgot about that in the process.

@wild_toa thanks!

Well, get me a big art studio, no less than ten qualified assistants and a three-meters-tall golden statue of Ghid and I’ll totally do that.

@Ghid Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m happy that I was able to cheer you up with my drawing and I hope that you’ll be able to get a replacement jaw soon!

I’m actually a bit of both.

Well, I’ll take this as a compliment.

By the way, by saying this you imply that you don’t look like a four-eyed mangled up Mads Mikkelsen, which is a mild disappointment.

In all seriousness though, what seems so off about the face? I’m not that good at drawing human faces, so I’d like to find out what I’m doing wrong to improve in the future.


Truly a cubicle worthy of my majesty

Man after my own heart

I can neither confirm or deny the idea that I look like a four-eyed mangled-up Mads Mikkelsen

Also I can neither confirm or deny that I have been thinking about the idea of it being a comic series at some point

The mouth seems very low in proportion with the size of everything else, and measuring the proportions of the skull you can see that the left eye is further towards the temple than the first right eye. The first right eye is in the place it should be if the anatomy of the skull is to be followed.
There’s a lot of nonsense talk about the golden ratio and perfect geometric babble as if people can’t exist outside of it, but as an extremely general rule that only applies some of the time, the mouth is twice the width of the nose, and the space from temple to nose is the same width as the mouth. Obviously with a character as defiant of physical limitations and cartoony as ghid, that doesn’t apply, and ultimately doesn’t matter since you have an excellent feel for the width-wise proportions.


Dare you temp Ghid’s all mighty wrath?

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Wow, that’s, like, some actually helpful advice. I made sure to follow it.

Moved the mouth upwards a little bit and made it bigger, moved the left eye away from the temple by quite a bit. Is it any better now?


Oh that’s a great improvement, yes. Truly reflects the unimaginable horrors of bureaucracy and exposing apple cider to lethal levels of radiation supposedly. I can neither confirm or deny any of these allegations


Beautiful. Amazing. Impeccable. Perfect.


Wow this ones great. Ghid looks kinda creepy in the background.


Awesome, I was able to revive Cordax with the power of art… which was obviously my intention all along!

Thank you for the kind words, by the way!

@Senit thank you! I really tried to capture at least 1% of Ghid’s creepiness in this drawing


small Cordax with knife brings back smaller Cordax with ego


this hasnt aged very well


neither has the redesign of mads mikkelsen

I mean ghid

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No, it hasn’t.
Now it should go something along the lines of: “I’m desperately trying to finish drawing a book cover for The book of Logic as quickly as possible because if I don’t, I’ll have so much backlog that I’ll never finish anything…”

By the way, how is your BoL doc doing?

Yeah I know it was a huge mistake on my part. Luckily, now my redesigns have become much better. Especially Yuo. Like, how can someone hypothetically dislike it!?


its messy, but I can fix some of the issues when I have all the chapters in there. its kinda stalled for a week (as has my BoL reading) because of a ton of testing and such coming up for school. Ill try and get more done on my freetime since my P-51 model that Ive been working on is almost finished

EDIT: just got what was apparently the last two chapters in, Ill read them, clean it all up and get onto BoD at some point