The Booster Gold Fan Club

So with all this Cult, Druids, The Glorious Empire, Revolution, and Candlehead stuff going on, I decided to make this topic to talk about everybody's favorite superhero!

The Glorious Booster Gold!
You all know him, he is the best superhero of all time! He is the guy that should be at the lead of DC Comics, and getting his own movies by Christopher Nolan and Zach Snyder! But, let us not forget about Skeets, his sidekick in crime-fighting!

Who needs Batman?

So it's time for the best superhero to have his own topic!

The skrub /s


Ummm... Why exactly is this a joke topic? Booster Gold is awesome! My favorite thing about him is his bromance with the Ted Kord Version of Blue Beetle.


Fixed name and stuff...

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There you go.

Now, how did it feel to somehow end up in Justice League 3000 as your pre-Flashpoint self?

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Booster Gold is worst girl hero.

Everyone knows Asuka Lobo is best girl hero.

Booster Gold is great.


Fun fact: in Man of Steel, as Zod is destroying buildings, a billboard for Booster's comics corporation falls to the ground. This implies he already exists somewhere in the DCCU!


Fan Clubs are considered Trend Topics...

...but I would totally join this if it was legal

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You would not believe how much I fall behind on this place when I don't have school.

It's weird. Otherwise, I'dve caught this way earlier.

Oh well. One down, 245 more to go.