The BRAVE Adventures of Kyoryu Yellow

Hey guys, Kyoryu here, with a new thing I'm doing! This is basically Kyoryu Yellow's origin story, so if you're interested in reading that, then this is the place! A few things to note:
1: These first few Braves take place shortly after the 3rd episode of Kyoryuger.
2: The universe in which this occurs is a cross between several universes, much like Crystal Bonds and TTV Infinity.
3: For future reference, Jonathan is my real name, and therefore Kyoryu's real name.

Gaburevolver: Gaburincho! Deinochaser!

Kyoryu plus Ruby! Crossing over billions of universes to protect the world, this forum's stronkest BRAVE team has now appeared! YOU'LL BE SURPRISED WHEN YOU HEAR!

Kyoryu: The BRAVE Adventures of Kyoryu Yellow!

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Wow wow, wow wow wow wow just wow!

We are the invincible Lucky Stars!
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Tremble as you hear our BRAVE roar,
The BRAVE Adventures of (Let's go on!) Kyoryu Yellow!

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Brave 1: Beginnings!

Kyoryu was a simple human known as... Jonathan. He lived most of his early years in the United States, but shortly after his 15th birthday, he, his sister, and his parents moved to Japan because... reasons. One year later, and Jonathan is now 16. The Deboss attacked his home town, and a legend... is born!

As Jonathan walks home from school, he is ambushed by two paramonsters! They fight him, and Jonathan narrowly escapes their blows. He punches one in the face, if you can call it that, but the other one knocks Jonathan to the ground, and is about to strike, when Kyoryu Black appears with a Gaburevolver!

Gaburevolver: Gaburincho! Parasagun!

The Gaburevolver fires, and it knocks the Paramonster out cold. Jonathan observes the carcass.

Kyoryu Black: Could you hurry up?

Jonathan: Uh yeah, sorry about that.

Jonathan gets up and hurries to his apartment. Once there, he finds the Deboss commander, Dogold, with a dozen Paramonsters outside the building. He ducks behind a nearby bush.

Dogold: You six, stay out here and guard. The rest of you, come with me.

The six Paramonsters guard the apartment building, and the others get inside. Jonathan sneaks his way around the Paramonsters and enters through the back door.

And that's it for Brave 1, guys! Tune in soon for Brave 2!


Brave 2: Main Character Immunity at its Finest!

Once inside, some of the Paramonsters surround Jonathan. He hits a few of them before running up the staircase. Dogold and a couple Paramonsters follow. Jonathan makes it upstairs, gets in his apartment, and locks the door behind him. He sees his dad and sister in there.

Jonathan: Dad! Where the heck are mom and -
Dad: Well, your sister is at her game, and mom still at work all the way in Aki-

The door breaks down, and Dogold gets inside, followed by his underlings.

Dogold: I thought you were supposed to be downstairs. Because you clearly aren't, you're both going to die!
Dad: Run.
Jonathan: But da-
Dad: RUN!

Jonathan reluctantly runs past Dogold and the Paramonsters. He turns to look just once, only to find his father on the floor, dead.

Dogold: GET THE BOY!

Jonathan turns back and keeps running downstairs. He outruns the Paramonsters upstairs, and makes it to the bottom level, only to find the Kyoryugers fighting Paramonsters.



Still updated more then TTV: Infinity.

So I like.


Ninjago reference!

(Forgot if it was Pythor or Skales who said it, though.)

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I think they've both said it.

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Brave 3: Fighting and stuff!

Kyoryu Black recognizes Jonathan from earlier.

Kyoryu Black: Over here!

Jonathan paces past the fallen Paramonsters to the Kyoryugers.

Jonathan: The big guy's coming. Prepare yourselves!

Dogold, holding a mysterious gem in his hand, approaches the Kyoryugers, accompanied by his minions.

Kyoryu Red: Get outta this building. We'll handle this.

Kyoryu Red fights Dogold, and the other 4 fight the Paramonsters. The Paramonsters are quickly dispatched. However, Dogold kicks Kyoryu Red back, and escapes. The Kyoryugers then de-morph, assuming Jonathan left, but he didn't.


Brave 4: Knowing too Much!

Kyoryu Black: Oh my!
Kyoryu Pink: We lost him!

Jonathan eavesdrops from afar, and ponders on what just happened.

Jonathan's thought process: The Deboss Legion killed my dad. These guys are fighting the Deboss. I must join them... to avenge my father.

Jonathan reveals himself to the Kyoryugers.

Kyoryu Blue: You again?

Jonathan walks up to Kyoryu Red.

Jonathan: The name's Jonathan. And I'd like to join you.

Kyoryu Red: Well, we're fresh out of Gaburevolvers, but we could always have more made. However, we only have one Zyudenryu without a pilot: Deinochaser.


Brave 5: The New Guy

Kyoryu Black: Wait, Daigo. Do you seriously think we can trust him?
Kyoryu Red (Daigo): Of course I do, Ian. Also, it's King, new guy. Got it?
Jonathan: Uh... yeah. Now what's this "Deinochaser" like? Can it become a giant robot like Kyoryuzin?

Later, at the Spirit Base...

Jonathan: What the... how am I supposed to turn that into-
Torin: You can't. Yet.
Jonathan: Who are you?
Torin: Your new mentor. You can call me Torin. Anyways, we'll be sending Deinochaser over to be modified. I'll also get your henshin device and suit made. In the meantime, get to know your teammates, both on and off the battlefield.

Torin's hair moves in the wind.

Torin: It's the Deboss!
Jonathan: How do you-
Torin: When my hair moves like that, it signifies a Deboss attack. I would go in detail about how that works, but by the time I finish the whole city would be overrun. Now go!

The 5 Kyoryugers go to the teleporter thingy.

Jonathan: What about me?
Torin: Just stay here, and watch the battle from this brand new flat-screen TV!

Jonathan watches the Kyoryugers fight the monster from episode 4, and sees how each of them fight: Daigo's leadership, Ian's gunslinging, Blue's brute strength, Green's swordsmanship, and Pink's kicks. They defeat the monster and form Kyoryuzin Western, which destroys the monster a second time. As the sun goes down, the Kyoryugers go home, and Jonathan does, too. Once he gets to his family's apartment, his father's body is nowhere to be seen. Not even the smell of death. Then he stops to process and mourn his father's death.

Jonathan: He woulda wanted me to become a Kyoryuger... he woulda wanted me to fight... and I will fight... and I will avenge him!

Jonathan prepares food for himself when his mother comes home, along with his sister.

Jonathan's mom: Where's your dad?
Jonathan: He's... he's dead. Killed by the Deboss.

Jonathan's sister and mom start sobbing, but Jonathan reluctantly continues anyways.

Jonathan: But I'll make sure he is avenged. I'm a Kyoryuger now.

They cheer up a little.

Jonathan's mom: You always wanted to be a hero. Your dad would have wanted that, too.

The next day, Jonathan and his sister go to school. Due to reasons, they go to separate schools. At lunchtime, he sees Kyoryu Green, and walks over to his table...

Note: Long Brave because long hiatus.


Brave 6: Old friends, new identities!

Jonathan (thinking): Souji... he was always the quiet one. Coulda sworn he was hiding something.

Jonathan sits down next to Souji.

Souji: Uh, Jonathan, you think it's a great idea to discuss this here?
Jonathan: Actually, no one else sits in this table. They're not gonna notice us here.
Souji: I see... now what exactly do you wanna talk about?
Jonathan: Er... how are you so good with a sword?
Souji: Years of training. Got any other questions?
Jonathan: Not really. But it's best that we chat every once in a while, since we're both Kyoryugers.
Souji: Yeah...

Days later...

Jonathan teleports to the Spirit Base, and he is met with the five Kyoryugers, along with Torin, who's holding a Gaburevolver and the Deinochaser Zyudenchi.

Torin: Jonathan, due to your BRAVERY, Deinochaser has chosen you as his partner.
Jonathan: What? I coulda sworn that I asked to become a Kyoryuger.
Torin: While that's true, you chased after your goal, stopping at nothing to achieve it. Now that's BRAVE! And since you have proven yourself to Deinochaser, just take your Gaburevolver and your Zyudenchi, and-

Torin's hair moves in the wind.

Jonathan: Another Deboss attack?!
Torin: Go!

The six Kyoryugers go through the teleporter and arrive at the scene to fight the Deboss monster.

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This is a little late, but this story is really cool.

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