The Brightstrider

Another MOC using one of the 3D printed masks from Shapeways. This one is part of Red Star Forge’s collection. It’s the Inorganic Suletu.

For the first time I tried using a gloss coat over the paint. And tbh I don’t like it very much. The texture of the 3D plastic isn’t smooth. So the glossy coat catches the light in strange ways. I’m going to stick with my normal matte finish paints from now on.


Unpainted mask



I think the calves look a bit too big, and I have to say I agree with you about the matte vs. the glossy finish. Great, otherwise!


I feel like the back of the MOC leaves a lot to be desired - kinda feels a bit like armor slapped on just to make sure that the back isn’t exposed, which doesn’t really work too well here, especially when it changes the outline from the front as well.

Otherwise it’s quite nice use of a CCBS frame with other armoring integrated. The paintwork is alright, nothing to write home about but it gets the job done. Personally the mask is a bit tall for my tastes, kinda looks odd, but that’s nothing that was under your control so I’ll leave it at that.

Nice work. :thumbsup:

The mask looks great and so does the rest of the MOC. I will say that the mask doesn’t quite match the orange on the rest of the MOC, but it’s not that noticeable.


Really like the look of the mask, but the gloss doesn’t look that great.

The MOC itself is pretty good, nothing too major going on. The blaster pieces on the upper arms are a little out of place and the back armor is a little odd, but he’s still pretty good!

Nice work!

I like the copper weapon a lot, wish we still had that color. IMO, the Slizer heads don’t fit with the CCBS. Good MOC regardless.

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