The Brotherhood of Makuta - Makuta Xirok

So… The Brotherhood of Makuta community MOC project ehhh? Well since this is the perfect opportunity to post my MOC, I’ll participate.

Name: Xirok
Height: 8 in. (21 cm.).
Assigned Region: none
Kanohi: Akanu, Great Mask of Disease
Status: Dead

Hopefully this works out!

Edit: Sorry if the backround is messy. Just couldn’t find a good flat space to do this :sweat_smile:


I really like this moc but I can see why others would t as it is a bit messy

thx, I appreciate it! :smile:

Not to nitpick, but the Makuta, except for Miserix, never made it to Bara Magna, and thus they never saw a Thornax Launcher. You can probably just switch it out for a Zamor Launcher if you want to. Or not. I ain’t going to tell you what to do. Aside from that it’s a good MOC. 9/10

Yeah, I know, sorry about that :cry:. Just didn’t have the right projectile piece. If I had the Zamor Sphere, I would use it.

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Yeah I know how you feel. Years of collecting Zamor Spheres, and all I can find are Thornax. CURSE YOU 2009!


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The back and those sideways attachments to the feet look a bit weird, but otherwise he’s not bad. I like his staff.

Perhaps you could add a picture directly from the front as well as one of Xirok in some kind of action pose. Also a story for him would be nice.

However, thanks for participating!

A little cluttered at the top.
Still really good.

I’d say it’s a little more cluttered in the back, but I agree. Thanks.

Edit: So, today I decided to update my Makuta MOC. I took some new photos, and changed his back. The wings are now posable, I bulked up the arms a little, and I also got rid of his articulated shoulder cannon. Sorry if the images are a little fuzzy, I was just in a weird position when taking them. So, here’s the new and improved, Makuta Xirok! :smile:

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot

Side Shot #2

Pose #1

Pose #2


Hope you liked it. Feel free to give opinions.


Well, the back certainly looks much better now. It also fits better into the colour scheme with the removal of much of the grey and silver parts (and that small yellow thingies, however they’re called)
Also removing those technic beam things from the feet was a good idea.

Definately much better.

Xirok is lacking a story, though. :wink:

Yeah… It might take some inspiration to come up with a story. :sweat_smile:
I’ll try though.

Edit: Here’s an update to Makuta Xirok. I basically updated his legs, and even if they are really basic, they work better than the CCBS ones. I also updated the custom hand, making it look better.