The Brotherhood of Makuta - What About a Community MOC Project?

Can I take the spot?

In theory yes, but I’m gonna be honest - your recent mini scale versions of sets are pretty neat, but your past Technic/CCBS MOCs as far as I can see are… not that great.

Are you sure you’re up to building a Makuta MOC? You can definitely try if you want, I just wanted to point that out in advance.


If LegoDavid doesn’t qualify, I’m eyeing the position again…


I dropped out because I’m not good at moccing

Look at some of the other entries

I neither of us can compare!

Watch out there’s another one

I’m in, and I’ll do my best I can. Thanks for telling me though. I already have the idea of what I want to build, I just need time to be able to make it.

EDIT: @Gilahu, I want my Makuta to be assigned to a canon location, which one would you suggest?


Alright, I’ll put you on the list. Make sure to read the rules if you haven’t already.

In terms of canon locations there are two types:
a) locations mentioned in canon from which we know exactly where they are - of these I fear all are assigned already
b) locations mentioned in some way in canon lore, but of which we don’t know exactly where they are and not much, if anything, about what was going on there.

Of the latter there is at least one left with some lore attached to it - the island with the Toa fortress where a team of Toa guarded the Makoki Stone. This would be the island of Tenai (name and location by RSG, see map).
I think I have a rough idea that could be used regarding that, but I’ll have to check with RSG first…
I’ll get back to you about it.

Rules and list in post 1
All Makuta are currently assigned


In the rules, it said that the MOC should only have kanohi. I originally planned on using Nokama Hordika’s head (which is still technically a kanohi), is that still ok or should I change that?

The important thing is that it kinda looks like a Kanohi and in the backstory you make it a specific Kanohi, so Nokama Hordika’s head is perfectly fine.

As to backstory regarding the island of Tenai, here are some points that would make sense to be included:

  • Your Makuta built a fortress on a small island near Tenai
  • There were originally Matoran on Tenai
  • Your Makuta created the Rahi known as Frostelus
  • Something resulted in the Matoran having to leave Tenai (probably the Frostelus)
  • after your Makuta died, his fortress fell into disrepair and was eventually claimed by a group of Toa - this was at least 15,000 years before the Great Cataclysm

You can build around that.

Rules and list in post 1
All Makuta are currently assigned


Dude. No need to be rude about it.



I’ll just delete that comment


Well, after a 2+ year hiatus, I have logged on to the message boards again. Sorry about that.

As for Shornos, I’ll go in and change his mask power. Give me a sec to figure that out.

Edit: He now has a Kanohi Skelnar, mask of possibilities. With mental focus it allows the user to see some possible futures, requiring more power the farther ahead he looks.

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The Mask of Possibilities is already on the banned mask list. However, in the meantime Shornos has been assigned an Urmukari, Mask of Scrambling which is basically a less powerful Mask of Mutation. The Urmukari is pretty much a Kanoka of Reconstitute at Random made into a mask. So this mask allows the wearer to temporarily transform beings or objects at random.

Also weekly reminders:

@Styrofoam, @StudentScissors - your Makuta backstories still need work.

Rules and list in post 1
All Makuta are currently assigned

Almost finished my Makuta:

What do I need to improve on?


I mean, he looks nice so far. Maybe tey to work more on the feet and the back. Try to clean them up.

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How should I do that?

Nothing comes into my mind, sorry.
Tho I am pretty sure he doesn’t need his pistons.

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Oh, oops. I guess I missed that one.

The feet are pretty messy and the back looks…


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Yeah, looking good so far.

Here’s what I can think of that could be improved:

  1. I’d maybe make the claw pieces of the horns point slightly upwards. I think that might look better from the front.

  2. Personally I feel like the shoulder armor should cover the shoulders more. If I remember correctly, the left design here should do the trick. The right one might be an even better solution, but I actually don’t know if the armor piece fits on it.

  1. Try doing a more custom build for the upper legs. Right now they’re a little simple.

  2. Those liftarms on the sides of the feet bother me, they really don’t look that good. Given the MOC’s size I’d suggest only using those pistons if you can figure out a way to incorporate them better.

  3. It’s hard to tell, but it seems like the axle of the Rahkshi foot as well as the upper pinhole aren’t yet used for anything. I’d suggest thinking about adding something there, if you can, something in silver. Don’t make it too large or stick out too much, though.

That’s all I can currently think about. I think this will turn out pretty well.

Rules and list in post 1
All Makuta are currently assigned