The Bug and the Bush

My friend told me to make this, so I did.

It’s just a bug and a bush.


From what I can see, they’re great. But more pictures would be nice.

I agree more pictures would be good,
Nice build

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Looks great! Well, the bug looks great. But the push is a little strange.

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Weird bush if you ask me, the bug looks really nice tho

The moc seems to use only 2016 set pieces, pretty small yet good usage from it.

It’d be nice to have more photos, but from what I can see, this is a brilliant use of parts.

More angles, please? It looks great, and I’d like to see more!

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radioactive bush is strange but the bug is great

Smol buggo is good buggo. 10/1.2

The bush looks dangerous, potentially carnivorous…that bug better not go near it

I’d rather buy 10 of these than most of the G2 sets. 17/10


That bug is adorable!!! … I don’t know why.
Also, can we get more of the bush? Please.


I just love that bug.
It’s very clever and charming.

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It’s… it’s just a bug
and a bush
I built this in like 3 minutes
Why do people like it
I’m confused


Looks pretty good! I love the designs, especially the bush! It’s always refreshing to see a smaller simpler MoC.

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Because it looks like what it’s supposed to look like.

I’m a sucker for small, clever builds. I’m pretty sure the MOC I made with the most likes is my Rahkshal, who are super small and simple.


As am I.

Because I love both micro builds, and rahi mocs.


Because the concept is small and simple, there’s little room to mess up. Smaller builds also tend to be more innovative due to parts limit. I think we’ve all grown tired of seeing big and impressive mocs, we like to see the small scale wonders once in a while