The Calm and the Storm : C&C appreciated!

in the spirit of metru march, i present 1 charater that has entered their final form in my eyes, and another who i have spent a while working on, and has gone through many iderations
Tuyet and Naho

I went with this sort of title since i think it goes very well with their characters, i always imagined Tuyet to be much more battle ready and bloodthirsty, yet not a maniac, whereas naho being a more calming influence on her, this is even shown in their designs, with Tuyet being more armored and naho being more light and agile. in my headcannon, naho found out about the nui stone, but kept tuyets secret, trying to help her fellow toa of water and was racked with guilt when she found out upon her return to metru nui.

‘talk to me sister, let me help you…’
some shots of tuyet

and yes before you ask, she has two swords purely cause i just like the look, i did keep the fishbone broadsword tho, i think it fits a toa of water

during her killing spree, some matoran were harder to catch then others…
Aaaand naho

i went with the staff since i think a more none violent weapon works for her, i see her using it more for mobility like jack frost
or if she needs to in combat, a little more a aggressively similar to my boi Death
also breakdowns




I really love the colors on these, they keep the dark Mangai colors while still being visually striking. And I love that we’ve collectively decided that Naho has a Huna.


I like Naho’s colour scheme obviously, nice mocs


@Lost_Head @Heyzorks
Thank you both!

totally called it


Very nice builds. Always nice to see Metru builds. Simple yet good.
The only thing I would chage is turn the “Slope 1 x 2 x with Grille” upside down on Tuyet.