The Character Stands Topic

Show off the stands you use to display your sets or MOCs! Here's mine:




Tahu (WIP; I need Tahu and Ikir so I can start building it):


I just use the stand that came with my Jojo figure.

it fits loosely in a CCBS shell hole.

Works nicely though



All these stands...


I was half expecting to see a star platinum SAS holding him up.


I usually don't find stands necessary to make satisfactory poses, but when I do:

... I use rubber bands and hang them from something in awesome jumping/flying poses. Never tried building lego stands, though...


I actually recently made a topic for a stand I made for Tahu, specifically when he is using his lavaboard.

@Scorpion_Strike That is an amazing idea. I especially like the poses Kopaka and Gali are in. I used to do something similar with hanging flying models from my ceiling, such as the Rockoh or Vamprah



Wait, but shouldn't they be in this order?

Unless you have another reason for having them in that order.

BTW, Lewa's pose looks almost exactly like his box art and Pohatu's pose reminds me of Tahu's pose when he uses a power up:

WOAH! Never thought of that. Of course, I don't have anything to hang them from...

For any character that uses one of the standard CCBS torsos (not counting the mini ones), you can attach a socket piece to the ball joint at the bottom of the torso, then attach it to a Technic axle.

I didn't have that specific picture in mind, but hey, I'm only one off :smile:

That's the way I would do it, but between the rubber bands and just having the sets stand up on their own, I've honestly never thought of a pose I couldn't manage.

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What about Lewa flying, or Gali swimming? Although I guess you could use the rubber bands for those poses, too...

Exactly; great aerial leaps, flight, and swimming all work fine with the rubber bands. That said, most of the sets I own were of 'land-based' beings, so it's not like flying was ever really a concern.

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