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This is the topic to discuss any and all things chess related!


I was into chess when I was 5 years old, and got LEGO chess as part of that trend (which moved my interest from that to LEGO.) The main thing I learned from that game was that e2-e4 was a good opening move.

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I like chess. It’s a beautifully designed game, and is fun to play.

I’m actually currently working on a school project, for which I need a picture of a chess set. It’s been awfully difficult trying to find a suitable image online.


Chess is fun for me. I beat everyone I play, not because I’m good, but because they all suck.


I can relate to that haha

I enjoy a good game of chess, especially since I’ve won a couple games in 5 moves (give or take; I don’t exactly remember how many moves I needed…).

I used to not really care much for chess, but recently I’ve come to admire some of the subtle complexities it offers.

To be precise, my gripe is that I feel it’s only going to be less fun the more I get into it. As a beginner it’s a challenge to think ahead and beat your opponent, but as I move into intermediate and learn what’s good or bad I feel like my play is getting a bit more restrictive. This freedom of expression may be regained once I move on to an advanced level but I’m not sure whether it’s worth the time investment.

I’m still wondering if it’s worth my time to get really into it because it’s a huge rabbithole, but at least I appreciate the things I do understand.


I dont know how to play chess. That is all that I came here to say

I’m pretty amateur but I enjoy the strategy of chess quite a bit.

Knights are the best piece and you can’t convince me otherwise.


I played a game of chess with myself yesterday (I do this every so often to practice and completely forgot to check if a piece was pinned or not.

Anyway, black won.


I’ve been playing chess for more or less my whole life, with a several-years-long break before I discovered online chess two years ago or so. It’s a great game: there’s always so much more to think about and coordinate the better you get.