The Chips/Crisps Topic

Slices of fried potato, gift from the heavens, chips are a staple snack in today’s youngster’s diet. What’s your opinion about them.

Post yer favourite flavour, brand, all that stuff.

Personally, i find Sea Salt chips to be the top notch these days.

PS : if you are english, just talk about fries or whatever you guys are wierd.


When you eat one, you must eat the rest!

Just how it is.

I like most of them, but some I find have a really bad after taste! :angry:


i really love cheddar; salt&vinegar; and sour cream&onion flavored chips, specifically pringles
i’ve had ketchup flavored chips before, which are actually pretty good

though we never get chips cuz everyone finishes them within 5 minutes regardless of how big the bag is. they’re just kind of a road-trip-treat type thing nowadays.


My favorite brand is Kettle, like in the first post.

I love cheddar and anything barbecue. Of course, every so often I’ll go for normal chips that are salted.

(I really just like any chips, honestly).


salt and vinegar, BBQ, and cheddar chips are great

there’s also some that I don’t like but I eat them anyways

it’s strange


I like barbecue-flavored potato chips. There also used to be these honey mustard ones that I loved, but they either were discontinued or nobody in my area sells them anymore. :frowning:

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I have an addiction to Classic Lays Chips. They are the literal best and if you don’t like them, then the Great Lays Potato Man will come and kill give you a bag.


I always eat the curled chips first. They have a more satisfying crunch.

Barbecue chips all the way.
Most brands.
I will also eat cheddar, and a few others types of chips.
But i prefer meat, any meat. :smile_cat:

I hate Lays chips. Also Ruffles. Yes, I had to be negative.

@Plural I look forward to his visit. I have something prepared for him…

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All chips are good. Unless they’re too flavourful. Then they naaaasty.
My faves are sour-cream and onion on ridged chips.

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I don’t touch salt and vinegar.

Cause I don’t want angry chips.


Tortilla chips are addictive.


Barbecue Kettle Lays Chips, and also the New York Reuben.

I love any kinds of chips-epically Sat and Vinegar and barbecue. Oh and Cheetos, if those count.

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They are called popchips, a subspecies of chips :stuck_out_tongue:


You made me think of creating a wildlife documentary on chips.
“And here we have the rare and illusive storm chips, exclusively native to the Atlantic Canada region.”


anything that’s not spicy is my jam

I always love Cheese-flavor Chips,but I also kinda liked barbeque,too. I never tasted the Ketchup favor,yet.

I like Lays, (Classic and BBQ), Ruffles (Classic), Cool Ranch Doritos, and tortilla chips.

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