The Christmas guardian

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift:! This spirit is a man that carries a sack of deadly presents. He will destroy naughty nonbelievers in an instant.


So… The lower leg armor is odd, the torso is weird too, and how you put that beard there? 7/10

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looks like F L E X T A P E to me


I literally woke up and built this guy at 3:00 in the morning.

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Ok, this moc is half bad.
Good colour scheme and weapons, that’s it.

The lower torso/waist area is very lacking in the armour department, try adding some.
The bottom of the upper arm is very gappy, add some tires to the axles there.
Turn the lower leg armour upside down or switch it out completely.
And lastly, I’m sure we would all prefer it if you do NOT use tape to attach the beard. Make a custom head or find a more creative way to do it.

I apologize if I seem too critical, I just want to help you improve.

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Does he have anorexia


Funniest looking santa “clone” ever!
But you might want to replace the black tape with white tape to make it fit more and to make it look like he has a full beard

those hips are kinda wierd, you might want to cover it up and make it thicker.

The best time to build mocs

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That photo with it carrying a sock as a sack of “toys”…
I want to see this in some kind of stop motion video.

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