The Chroniclers Toa

Quiet a while ago I made some MOCs of what I thought the Chronicler's company would look like as Toa. I thought it'd be nice to share some pics of them here.


I know brown and black tend to clash. But I wanted to somewhat keep Hafu's original color scheme, I didn't have too many tan pieces. Thought the color scheme is not the best, I was very happy with the results. I was able to give him a great Ruru as a hat tip to his original Ruru, and I thought the stone piece on his chest looked neat.

Toa Kapura

Kapura is probably one of these MOCs that I'm most proud of. I managed to use pieces in a variety of different ways and the end result seemed to fit together very well together. I also was able to use a red Pakari like original Kapura. Making him more identifiable.

Toa Taipu

I'd honestly categorize this MOC as a fail. The bulky look I was going for just ended up looking disproportionate and very much like mistoka Onua. However, I was able to keep the Kanohi consistent again. stuck_out_tongue

Toa Kopeke

Looking back it's strange how much he looks like the new Kopaka now. Not a very exciting MOC, some of the interesting things I tried failed. But I think it looks nice-ish still. Again I was happy for him to have the same Kanohi.

Toa Tamaru

I am very happy with how he turned out. I used a Metru torso for the lower half of his body and it actually turned out really well! His weapon looks nice too, IMO. Much like something a Toa of air would use. Sady, I was not able to keep consistent with his Kanohi.

(Macku was so terrible I won't show you her pictures. I lack blue parts and had little to work with)

The Team:

(Don't ask my why I but Macku in front, even though she's so ugly.)

Please leave feedback of your likes and dislikes about my MOCs!


Interesting parts usages! The Inika armor on Taipu looks really odd and some of the proportions could use some work though. smiley

I really like this idea of recreating some old Bionicle Matoran and making them Toa. I'd say you did pretty good although I don't really like the chest pieces Taipu has as armour for his arms. Kopeke I really like but he looks a little simple. Kapura is pretty sweet. I love to see orange and red clash, it's such a great colour scheme. By the way Kapura's weapons are genius. Hafu honestly is pretty interesting. I love his weapon and although the colour scheme is weird he still feels natural and not completely different. Tamaru has got to be my favourite. Just the way you put his armour and his weapon which looks sick give him a sort of leader feel. I don't know, I'm crazy. Macku from what I can see looks a little like Kopeke although she has the larger chest piece. Anyway, yeah, overall pretty nice team although some of them could use a little work. Keep mocin'.


Yeah like I said Taipu was kind of a fail. Had I had more motivation at the time I would have fixed him and Hali up, and made Kopeke a bit more interesting. Sadly I don't have the chance now since parts from these guys are now being used for other MOCs.

I like the concept. They look nice as a team!

We don't have individual shots of Macku though.

Here's one if you want to see it, she's not much. I wish I had done better, had I had more blue parts I probably would have tried harder :stuck_out_tongue: .


Well, the color scheme is a hit stuck_out_tongue
I also like the swords. But as you said she's pretty much just a standard build so not much I can say about her.

Kapura was tired of being called slow so he got into track physique and gave himself wings.

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Something about he proportions on all of them seems... Off.

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Well they're Inika Builds......

They look amazing, I like Taipu and Hafu the most! wink

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